Indigo Paint Price List 2020- Updates price List of Indigo

Find the updated Indigo Paint Price list. Understand the cost for your painting project. This article contains the price of each Indigo Paint brand products. Indigo is one of the best Paint brands in india.

Indigo Paint Price List:

Indigo PaintProductPriceQuantity
Acrylic Distemper Gold135020 kg
Acrylic Distemper Silver106520 kg
Acrylic Pouch Distemper701 kg
Acrylic Wall Putty771 kg
Aluminum Paint3581 litre
Anti Termite Solution3041 litre
Bright Ceiling Coat Gold336520 litre
Bright Ceiling Coat Platinum643020 litre
Dirtproof Waterproof Exterior Laminate874020 litre
Exterior Emulsion Gold336020 litre
Exterior Interior Acrylic Laminate790020 litre
Exterior Interior Acrylic Laminate4371 litre
Exterior Sheen Emulsion380520 litre
Exterior Single Pack Clear PU17084 litre
Exterior Two Pack Clear PU9551 litre
Exterior Wall Primer292020 litre
Floor Coat Emulsion495510 litre
Interior Emulsion Bronze231020 litre
Interior Emulsion Silver281520 litre
Interior Quick Drying Two Pack PU4851 litre
Interior Sanding Sealer NC9994 litre
Interior Sheen Emulsion357520 litre
Interior Single Pack Clear PU13224 litre
Interior Two Pack Hi-Solid Melamine632020litre
Knifing Paste Filler276020 kg
Luxury Interior Emulsion1056520 litre
Metallic Emulsion576010 litre
NC PU Melamine Thinner2741 litre
Polymer Putty124040 kg
Polymer Putty Gold133040 kg
Premium Interior Emulsion598520 litre
Premium XT Exterior Emulsion597520 litre
PU Super Gloss Enamel540020 litre
Royal Indigocem96525kg
S T Redoxide Metal Primer318520litre
S T Wood Primer361020litre
Satin Enamel12804 litre
Single Pack Epoxy Primer15904 litre
Satin Block Primer13184 litre
Stone Tile Top Coat13184 litre
Tile Coat683020 litre
Universal Stainer168200ml
Wood Stain 220500ml
WT Cement Primer Bronze166520 litre
WT Cement Primer Gold247520 litre
WT Cement Primer Silver203520 litre
WT Sealer Primer334020 litre
WT Sealer Primer1921 litre
Zinc Chormate Primer376520 litre

FAQ – Indigo Paint Price List

Which is the cheap and best Interior Emulsion in Indigo paints?

Interior Emulsion Bronze is the cheap and best in Interior Emulsion category from Indigo paints which is INR 2310/- (20 litres).

How much is the premium interior emulsion in Indigo paints?

Premium Interior Emulsion costs around INR 5985/- (20 litres) which comes with extra smooth finish, highly washable, anti-dust coating, fungal and black-spot resistant.

Which is the costliest interior emulsion in Indigo paints?

Luxury Interior Emulsion which stands for its name comes under luxury category which comes with Soft glow finish, Superior washability, High stain resistance, Better colour retention and film integrity, anti-fungal and anti-mildew properties that costs INR 10565/- (20 LITRES).

Which is the cheap and best distemper from Indigo paints?

Acrylic Pouch Distemper always fits under budget that costs INR 70/- per Kg.

How much is Indigo’s Acrylic Distemper Silver cost?

Indigo Acrylic Distemper Silver costs INR 1065/- (20 Kg).

How much is Indigo’s premium quality distemper cost?

Indigo’s Acrylic Distemper Gold costs INR 1350 (20 Kg).

Which is the cheap and best exterior emulsion from Indigo Paints?

Exterior Emulsion Gold is the cheap and best option that costs INR 3360/- (20 litres).

What is the cost of Indigo’s Dirtproof Exterior Laminate?

Indigo Dirtproof Waterproof Exterior Laminate is INR 8740/- (20 litres) which comes with Dirtproof: Nano Particle Technology; Waterproof: Excellent film elongation to cover hairline cracks; High sheen finish; Excellent Anti-algae & Anti-fungal properties.

How much is the Premium XT Exterior Emulsion of Indigo Paints cost?

Premium XT Exterior Emulsion is the one that speaks class with style. Its worth the cost INR 5975/- (20 litres) that comes with Matt finish; Resistant to fungal and algal attack; Excellent adhesion to all surfaces and long durability.

What is the cost of Exterior & Interior Laminate from Indigo Paints?

Exterior Interior Acrylic Laminate costs INR 437/- per litre which is also available in 20 litres worth INR 7900/-.

What is the price range of Indigo enamel paints?

PU Super Gloss Enamel costs INR 5400/- (20 litre) and Satin Enamel costs INR 1280/- (4 litres).

which is the cheapest wall putty of Indigo Paints?

Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty is the cheapest pick that costs INR77/- per Kg.

which is the costliest wall putty of Indigo Paints?

Indigo Polymer Putty Gold is the costly variety in this range that costs INR 1330/- (40 Kg).

which is the cheap and best metal primer from Indigo Paints?

S T Redoxide Metal Primer is the right option which is INR 3185/- (20 LITRE).

Does Indigo Paints offer exterior wall primer range?

Oh yes! Indigo Exterior Wall Primer is the one that shields the wall from all-weather condition and is algal and fungal resistant, that costs INR 2920/- (20 litres).

which is the cheapest water thinnable cement primer from Indigo Paints?

WT Cement Primer Bronze is the cheapest option that covers under the budget. The rate is INR 1665/- (20 LITRES).

which is the costliest water thinnable cement primer from Indigo Paints?

WT Cement Primer Gold is the high-quality range in this category that costs INR 2475/-(20 litres).

How much is ST Wood Primer of Indigo Paints cost?

S T Wood Primer costs INR 3610/- 920 litres).

which is the cheap and best Wood coat available in Indigo Paints?

Exterior Two Pack Clear PU costs INR 955/-per litre and Interior Quick Drying Two Pack PU is INR 485/- per litre.

What is the price range of ceiling paints in Indigo Paints?

Bright Ceiling Coat Gold is INR 3365/-(20 litres) and Bright Ceiling Coat Platinum is INR 6430/- (20 litres).

Bottom line:

Please use this datas for a rough estimation and cost calculations. The price may change or have some errors.