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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Ways We can Contact

There are multiple options to contact us, you can just fill the above form to contact us. Or if you want to call or what's app us, then use the above Indian mobile number. If you want to ail us on some official work, use the above mail ID to contact us.

We want to Include Our Brand on your Brand List on this website, Is it possible?

It is possible. We will not get any fees or payment to add your brand into our list. We just need some basic in formations about your brands. Using your information, we will add your brand on our list.

Can we advertise Our brand on your Website?

We welcome to Advertise on our website. We can do different banner Size banner on our website. Please email us to know the Cost of advertising.

In which order Brands are listed on your site?

There are Multiple factors, We used to determine the brand list on our topics.

I have a question about a brand, can we contact you?

Of course, You can contact us. But we urge contacting the original brand website to get much faster and accurate details for your query.

Can we want to Get a link from your website?

Please Contact us to get more details on which page you want to get the link back.

Do you allow guest posting on your website?

Yes, we allow guest posting On our Website. please contact us what topic you want to write.

Will you charge for the guest posting on your site?

That depends on your purpose of Guest posting. If you want to create a portfolio for you we do not charge you. But if you are guest posting to get a link from our site, then we charge a nominal amount.

What is the Purpose of your Website?

Our website purpose is to help shoppers to chose a best brand for them based on their requirement.