Best 10 Wallet Brands For Men in India – Huge Gift For Genuine Men

In this article, we will see Best 10 wallet brands for men in India. Wallets play an important role in our daily life as they hold cash, credit cards, business cards, photographs, identification documents and other paper or cards. Usually they comprise fabrics or leather. In addition, they comprise stainless steel or copper that has been incorporated into the wallets to promote protection against unofficial scanning.

Having a best Wallets is not only a stylish accessory to carry it. It is being important that everyone need to safeguard your finances in a secured way as they convey a greater part of men’s data. When investing money on buying a new wallet, it is important to notice that whether it has a sufficient number of pockets are available for coins, currency notes and cards like credit cards or debit cards. So that’s why it is important to choose a brand apart from charming designs but also from long lasting ones.

Wallets are available in every place. You can get it in shopping malls, wallet stores and many online websites like Snap deal, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon etc. There are a wide variety of price ranges accessible from Rs.99 goes up to Rs. 2,00,000. From this budget, you can choose a wallet suitable for you. The most common five types of wallets used by men are Slim wallet, Bi-fold wallet, Travel wallet, Phone case wallet and Money clip.

Read this article entirely and we display the most fashionable and trusted wallet brands in India for men which are used by most of the genuine Professional men in India. We compiled what brands can offer for men and You can find the best brand for your demand.

Here is the Name list of Best Wallet Brands for men in India

1. Puma Wallets:

Puma is one of the best men’s wallet brands in India. This brand is one of the world’s supreme sports brands, developing, advertising and marketing footwear, designing, apparel and accessories. Puma wallets are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, prices and styles. Puma is a European brand, and they locate the headquarters in Bavaria. Puma was founded in the year of 1948.


Puma brand has its own fame among the wallets that makes puma to have distributers all over India. Puma has shown that it has making a history among elegant product designs for the sports, wallets and much more.

Puma wallets are an incorporation of worth and affordability. Puma provides fantastic performance as they yield better durability to wallets. Besides that, this brand can make them a long lasting best wallet. Puma wallets are look like simple attractive designs in a stylish manner.

2. Horn bull Wallets:

Horn bull is a classic mens wallet brands in India and it has an own extent of customers. Also, Horn bull wallets is one of the topmost selling wallets in India. The processor is well known for its combo packs because it combines both leather belts and leather wallet in a qualified looking gift box. These wallets are neatly designed and are made with soft leathers. It can never be a hard wallet at all.


The charming designed wallets have a wonderful feel to touch them apart from reasonable prices. The abundant colours are available for this brand. However, if you are looking for something pretty, then this brand might be the best choice.

The main advantage is that the consumers can feel the softness from wallets. Ultimately, it yields the best gifting solution to the loved one.

3. K London Wallets:

We turn our attention to this aspect; it is wider and longer than the ordinary wallet. They make the lining of this wallet of cloth. This feature hinders while trying to take on-the-go, which is not suitable for slim fit jeans and pants. This wallet satisfies all the requirements for whom looking for a perfect best wallet. It has sufficient storage requirements available in form of coin pockets and card slots.

K London

K London Wallets for men might not be the best wallets brand among other brands. But it is one brand which can save your money a lot when compared to other kinds of brands.

K London Wallets are those accurate in managing the details like transparent extent to hold photos and cards like credit cards, debit cards, visiting cards. They are available in a wide range of colours such as brown, black,etc. and at affordable and attractive prices. Last but not least, it is an ideal gift for anniversary and birthday moments.

4. Peter England Wallets:

Peter England is an Indian leather wallet brand which is owned by Aditya Birla Group. It was founded in the year of 1997. For the past 2-3 decades, it organizes to become one of the top wallets brands in India. The same applies for clothes, shoes and other accessories. The best thing is that they are holding the passports and are available in desired colours. The consumers keep their faces with a smile because of holding adequate cards and coin pockets.

Peter England

The leather wallets come under the Peter England are manufactured by Madura Fashion. The stylish multi-coloured brand logo stares highly attractive. They produce a huge range of colours, and designs to meet the consumers demand.

Though the model suits functionality, this best wallet is not a stylish accessory to carry on an everyday basis. But when you carry a best wallet with a superior brand, it builds a lot to your personality.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Wallets:

Tommy Hilfiger Wallets is one of the best genuine leather wallets for men. This best wallets has characteristic features like printed leather, ultra-fine leather design and better surface finish. 

Tommy Hilfiger

Because of this peculiar Tommy hilfiger brand, it provides that stand out from the crowd. They attach the stylish logo over a top of this wallet, gives you an appreciation from your friends. Besides wallets, Tommy Hilfiger best wallets in leather also offers footwear, perfumes and so on…

The Tommy Hilfiger wallets are lined with Tommy Hilfiger flag logo which makes the best wallet having unique feature. In a practical life, this wallet is easy to handle in nature. If a person is looking for profitability as well as stylish designs, this wallet is the one for you.

6. Fossil Wallets:

American Fashion designer found fossil in the year of 1984. This genuine leather wallet for mens is popular in the wide range of products like jewellery, handbags, watches and especially wallets. It owns some other brands like Abacus, WSI and Zodiac Watches. Apart from this, it makes authorised accessories for Adidas and Armani brands.


In this men s wallets, you can keep all your properties at a fingertip. The value of fossil wallets is expensive. But can assure you it is valuable and memorable experience of owning them. As this wallet made of leather, it won’t wear down after a constant usage.

Most of the men won’t focus to carry a lot of money in their leather wallets. But if anyone interested means it is possible to buy this best wallet at affordable prices and keep money in this best wallet as you wish.

7. Laurels Wallets:

Laurels wallet, one of the men wallet brands which was founded in the year of 2011 by Anuj Gupta and Rohit Negi. This wallet is well-liked among the youngsters because of their noticeable charming designs and affordable prices. This wallet provides spacious gap and trendy.


Laurels wallets for men are the best in the market for the cost at which they offer. The best part of this leather wallet is that managing them for both casual use and formal use.

The main advantage of these best wallets is that they yield superior quality products. Laurels best leather wallets are a kind of fashion brand that provides several products other than the wallets for sunglasses, shoes, handbags, watches and belts.

8. Bellroy Wallets:

Bellroy leather wallets for men founded in the year of 2000 by a few friends as a small startup. Currently, this wallet is establishing all over the world for men’s wallet brand. It fathoms the most indispensable part of wallets business. The alternatives of best leather wallet materials is actually so stronger that they are prone to utilise leather which are eco-friendly.


The most helpful thing is that they have protected section for both business cards and other essential bills. Bellroy wallets are certainly from Audi’s class and can guarantee you that they are entirely valuable. These leather are available in a wide variety of elegant designs.

Bellroy wallets are fashionable, stylish and spacious in usual and available in black colour. They also produce the best quality leather products.

9. Louis Philippe Wallets:

Louis Philippe brands for mens wallet in Indian brand which is lying below the division of Aditiya Birla Group. It was formed in the year of 1989. Louis Philippe is also called as LP. These products mostly used for the formal and casual use which is available for both men and women. Later, Louis Philippe started designing and selling their own way of wallets.

Louis Philipi

Louis Philippe’s logo is very attractive, good and classy. They are available in a diverse variety of colours and unique designs at reasonable prices. So you can pick the one which is suitable for you.

LP brand uses the best top quality material that yields additional durability. LP is the most trusted brand in India.

10. Wildhorn Wallets:

Wildhorn best Wallets for men If you are looking for a modern and durable best wallet, this is the brand for you. The material used in this wallet is long lasting. For sure, you can get one for yours that suits your taste and requirement. The unique feature of wild horn wallet brand has multiple compartments to hold cards and ID proofs.


Recently, it has a good reputation in online extent. The products got from this kind of wallet having a creative design, packaging in a peculiar manner and attractive looks.

The cost of this brand of wallet is inexpensive. With genuine leather and subtle, and this wallet are hand made by professional artists.

11) Titan Wallets:

Titan Wallets, A brand in mens wallets. As all known that Titan is the watch brand that is significantly popular among worldwide. They also have a wallet classification from the similar brand. The accessories from Titan brand also the best sellers in India. The Titan wallets are manufactured in a stylish manner and sophisticated to grasp.


Titan brand provides a quality assurance as well as affordable prices that will bring a smile on consumers. The most advantageous aspect of this kind of wallets is that of the highest quality and also a pocket friendly.

When compared to other kinds of wallets for men, Titan wallets come in a hot style and that are made with Indian shoppers. It yields durable and long lasting product.

12. TnW Wallets:

The TnW is a genuie leather best wallet brands in India originate from TnW Enterprises wallet for mens brand. It was founded in the year of 2016 in Delhi. Interestingly, this types of wallets has reached many buyers within a short interval of time. By their symbols, surface finishing quality of leather products and time of delivery for the products, this best wallet segregated themselves from the challengers.


If you are looking to buy a wallet brands urgently, this is the brand for you. The best thing in this brand is that flexibility to use. TnW considered being finest of brand of mens wallet manufacturing companies.

TnW wallets are also available in multiple compartments. Besides multiple compartments, card slots has detached to it.

13. Montblanc Wallets:

Montblanc is one of the top 10 genuine leather wallet brand in India. If you are men with simple taste for wallets, this is the brand for you. Montblanc brands are closely associated with prosperity and standard. Wallets are not only a necessity for man but also it is an important thing for a modern man. This wallet has a combination of best construction of wallets, secured technology of cutting-edge system, and graded materials to create a wallet with style and trendy.

Mont Blanc

The most essential thing in this wallet is that high storage capacity in a small extent with multiple card slots, bill compartments and photo section.

Montblanc wallets give you a premium feel when compared to other kinds of wallets. Are you looking for an ideal gift present to your dad, college students and friends? Then this wallet for mens is a solution for the above question.

14. Bull-kraft wallets:

Bull-Kraft wallets are one of the top brands for genuine leather wallet in India. As the name suggests, the bull is the logo of this type of wallets. This collection of bull-kraft is made of superior quality cow hide. We know that wallet is designed for daily use, hence this wallet for mens is smart with spacious extent for coins, driving license and cards. The main features of this wallet are high durability, rich in texture, charming designs, elegant look and lightweight in nature.

Bull Kraft

High quality cotton fabrics are used for lining of the wallets they make. Because of this lining, it is soft to feel and higher durability.

Bull-kraft provides a wide range of products other than the wallets are belt, bags and clutches. Ultimately, it offers an ideal solution for presenting a gift to a men whom you love.

15. Accezory Wallets:

One of the top brands in India for mens best wallet. If you are glancing for buying a wallet with a wide range of products, the Accezory is the best choice for you. It is an Indian brand and offers much more accessories. The elegant design in these wallets for men that makes them famous and comes under the best wallet brands for men in India.


The cost of this Accezory genuine leather wallets are very inexpensive. So, the consumers can enjoy a lot also with detachable pockets. Because of sleek design, it never appears bulky in your pockets.

Apart from the wallets, this brand provides several products like leather belts, bags and clutch bags. It is also a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary and wedding occasions.

16. Urban forest Wallets:

Urban forest the wallets for men is another brand in India. This wallet for mens offers unique features with best men inflexible styles. This is not a bulky wallet at all, with unique designs and compact size. Because of ingenious design, you keep all essentials in a neat and stylish manner. The urban forest most peculiar products in India featured wallet is an interior zippered compartment, which brings you a satisfactory space to manage official notes and bills.

Urban Forest

The interior of the wallet is as essential as the exterior, hence they use high quality polyester fabric for the lining. So that’s what this wallet is soft to touch. This wallet is manifestly better durability.

The logo is same as the bull-kraft wallets, but only the face cut of bull is present in urban forest wallets while in bull-kraft wallets, the whole structure of bull there. These wallets yield many choices for youngsters to select the ranges from size of dissimilar pockets inside a wallet.

17. Woodland wallets:

Woodland, A best men s wallet brands in India is generally a shoe manufacturing company which spreads its reputation worldwide. They are usually made of leather that is the thing used to make shoes as well as for wallets and an inner portion is made of soft organic cotton. If you are searching to buy a wallet for stylish purposes, this is the brand for you. This wallet is not only for an elegant look but also makes you feel that it is a good brand.


Woodland men wallet brands in Indiaprovide multi designs like bi-folds and tri-folds, so you can pick the one that you love. They are available in a wide variety of ranges for  designs, colours, prices and sizes.

Woodland leather wallets are made with superior quality and make sure it has a matchless performance with genuine leather. These wallets are extremely durable if a wallet is made of cowhide as in bull-kraft wallets. This wallet reflects your personality and modernism character when you go out.

18. Levi’s wallets:

Levi’s wallet for mens is a brand in India and American company which was formed by Levi Strauss in the year of 1853. Levi’s wallets are one of the best-selling wallets in an Indian market as the Levi’s jeans. They have simple and trendy designs in Levi’s range of wallets. It is one of the known and famous brands in the world.


The most advantageous of these wallets is that the lock type is number lock with multi compartments say about eight.  It is really an everlasting product which is impaired with a wide variety of attractive colours.

The outer material is made of best leather wallet for mens. Levi’s wallets safeguard all your essentials in an extremely durable leather and classy look with multiple card slots. If you are a modish dad or a student just entering a college, this brand has abundantly of wallets choice for you.

19. Krosshorn Wallets:

Krosshorn wallets for men, A brand in India which has specific knowledge in producing an eye catchy wallets.   For modern men for daily use, a high quality bi-fold Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that becomes trendy and fashionable. Krosshorn wallet is very essential for you if you carry a debit/credit card along with RFID chips ensemble within them. It also aids to make payments simply by touching the card rather than the swiping method.


The best thing in this kind of wallet that are: spacious, attractive and elegant look. But, the worst thing is that you should keep this wallet away from extreme heat and fire.

The krosshorn wallets for mens is RFID blocking wallets prevent communication between the cards and RFID scanners and also block the electromagnetic fields. These wallets provide the best security for hard-earned money.

20. Bogesi Wallets:

Bogesi wallets for men from the eastern part of the global. It gains popularity for design products and choice of materials with specific features. The reason for this wallet is added up in top 10 wallet brands for men in India that the positive feedback of the customers.


Bogesi leather wallets are perfectly fit for all men’s requirement. This is available in a vertical type. Additionally, it acts as an ideal solution for a gift to your friends and relatives due to its genuine leather quality.

Good quality material is used, and you can feel the premium in your hand. Ultimately, the most important note to consumers is that it is card specialist wallet, but you can’t keep Rs.500 and Rs.1000/- note without folding.

Bottom Line:

Why we are giving so much importance to wallets? Have you ever thought of it? So dude it’s time to make a difference in your life by styling up your look with these kinds of amazing accessories which is useful without compromising on fashion and your own taste. Just give a try to use the wallets whatever you desired to gain amazing experience. We had seen that one kind of wallet is not always better than the other, as the all kinds of wallet have their merits and demerits. Apart from the top 20 wallet brands for men in India, we also discussed top best front pockets, types of leather used in wallets and top trending mobile wallets. Choose your wallet that fits all your requirements and preferences.

Try! Try! Try! For whatever you want in a competitive world. But never quit for the same.

FAQ – Comparison of Best Wallet Brands in India

what are the best men’s wallet brands in India?

Here are the high quality top wallet brands available in India. Puma Wallets,horn bull Wallets,K London Wallets,Peter England Wallets,Tommy Hilfiger Wallets,Fossil Wallets,Laurels Wallets,Bellroy Wallets,Louis Philippe Wallets,Wildhorn Wallets,Titan Wallets,TnW Wallets,Montblanc Wallets,Bull-kraft Wallets,Accezory Wallets,Urban forest Wallets,Woodland Wallets,Levi’s Wallets,Krosshorn Wallets,Bogesi Wallets

what are the cheapest men’s wallet brands in India?

Check out the cheap and best men’s wallet brands in Indian market. Samtroh,Wildantler,Ibex,Fashlook,Tnw,Yoze,Ailtino

which is the best-selling men’s wallet brand under 500 Rs?

You can get Horn Bull, Hide Link,Wild Horn, Puma, Levis Wallet for men below 500Rs.

which is the costliest wallet brand in India?

The costliest wallet brands are: OHM New York Wallet brand for men – up to 9,999Rs. Tommy Hilfiger - up to 5,000Rs.

which is men’s favorite wallet brand?

Guys prefers long lasting Wallet Brands Like Puma, Horn Bull, K London, Peter England, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil etc.,

which is the best men’s leather wallet brand in India?

Leather wallets are the best pick for premium look for gentlemen. Here are the leading and dashing leather wallet brands that will blow your mind with amazing collections! Fossil,Montblanc Wallets,Bellroy,horn bull Wallets,K London Wallets,Wildhorn Wallets,Levi’s wallets

which wallet brand has dedicated slots for cards and coins?

Dedicated slots for cars and coins enables one to use wallets at ease and keep essentials organized on-the-go. Here are the wallet brands with detachable/attached card and coin slots that rule in style Peter England Wallet,K london Wallets,Bellroy Wallets,Wildhorn Wallets,TnW Wallets,Montblanc Wallets,Bull-kraft Wallets,Krosshorn Wallets

which is the best-selling spacious wallet brands in India?

Spacious wallets keep things organized and mess-free. Here are the best-selling spacious wallet brands presenting wide range of spacious wallet ranges to select from. K london Wallets,Laurels Wallets,Montblanc Wallets,Accezory Wallets,Krosshorn Wallets

which is the best printed leather wallet brand?

Tommy Hilfiger Wallets is the only printed leather wallet brand that comes under affordable price range. it is men’s favorite brand that comes sets a style statement when paired with best outfit.

which is the best Indian wallet brand?

Check out the high quality Indian wallet brands that are current trend which come with eye-popping range of collections: Laurels Wallets,Peter England Wallets,Louis Philippe Wallets,TnW Wallets,Accezory Wallets,Urban forest Wallets,Krosshorn Wallets

which is the best preferred wallet brands by youngsters?

Youth set their fashion statement their own way to exhibit their attitude. Sneak-peak into the highly rated stylish youngster’s pick wallet brands: Laurels Wallets,Louis Philippe Wallets,Wildhorn Wallets,Titan Wallets,Montblanc Wallets,Bull-kraft Wallets,Accezory Wallets,Urban forest Wallets

which is the stylish wallet brand in India?

Want to exhibit your style with a statement look? Pick your stylish range of wallets from this ever-trending wallet brands in India: Woodland Wallets,Levi’s Wallets,Krosshorn Wallets,Bogesi Wallets

which is the safest wallet brand?

Do wallets come with safety? Oh yeah! Stay cool with these safety wallet brands collections available in Indian market. Levi’s Wallets: number lock system,Urban forest Wallets:interior zippered compartment