Best 10 Mineral Water Brands in India – Everyday Essential

This article is about the top 10 best mineral water brands in India that are high in demand for its quality and necessity. From fitness freaks to budget planning mineral water dealers, this article would definitely help. As we all consume water in our daily life, are we really aware of where this packaged drinking water is sourced from? Which mineral water brand is best to pair up with your diet pattern?  If you guys are headed up with these kinds of question and related information, Hola! We are on the same page! This article will blow all your worries and concerns with cut and right authentic details. Be it a consumer or dealer-to-be, this article will quench your knowledge thirst and lead you to choose the very best of options with clarity and accuracy. After all, can’t we spend minutes before buying a water bottle which really revives our system? Prioritize your health regime and body fitness by surfing through this write-up and yes, you will have the best of ideas to follow for your lifestyle packed up with essential minerals and salts all in one sip! Even who knows? Students could find interesting facts to start their project on!

Foreign brands such as Aquafina, Kinley and Nestle Purelife dominates the market even in India against the famous mineral water brands such as Bailley, Oxyrich, QUA, Tata Water Plus, Himalayan, Vedica and Diet Aqua. Foreign brands from multinational companies such as Coca cola, Pepsi Co, do a better job in branding in order to sustain their benchmark with loads of investment. It’s quite obvious that our forefathers have consumed natural water from the rivers, lakes and nearby water bodies after simple filtration. We are very fortunate for the scientific development but unfortunate to deal with its side effects such as pollution and global warming that contaminates water bodies. More than 50 mineral water brands are being marketed nationally. To deliver quality product, the big business companies play their own marketing strategies. It takes years to bottle some water from nature’s beds while others use years of technology to purify the commonly available water. Can you be some famous mineral water brand in India passes more than 100 tests before being bottled?

Natural water or purified mineral water with essential minerals and salts can possibly improve your

  • Body metabolism,
  • Detox all impurity pile ups,
  • Revitalize whole body system, improvise heart health,
  • Maintain blood pressure level and
  • Make you fit and energetic throughout the day.

There is a wide usage of water purifiers that are installed in residence; work places etc. water purifiers are the ones that purify underground water. But is it really worthy to invest in such products? Do you really think just water purifiers can deliver pure consumable water? Experts say that hardness and impurity collections in underground or storage tank waters that contain more impurities and harmful metal sediments like lead cannot be removed with just water purifiers. Even they can take a toll on your health on prolonged usage which could cause irreversible health issues. Hence it’s always best suggested to go for branded mineral waters to stay secured and hydrated.


Mineral waters are categorized according to origin, consistency, composition, protection and treatment.

  • Natural mineral water
  • Premium natural mineral water
  • Spring water
  • Packaged mineral water
  • Flavored mineral water

There is no room for mistake here as the highly processed water has to be bottled carefully and that’s the reason they prefer automotive bottle blowing machines and auto systems to fill. This way, every certified brand purifies manufactures and bottles mineral water under the quality standards set by FDA, ISI and FSSAI.

Check for these most important specification before buying any mineral water

  • Check for expiry date at the back of the bottle.
  • Check for FSSAI/FDA/ISI authentic mark.
  • Check if the sealed cap is opened or damaged.

Presenting you the best mineral water brands list in India.



Do you want to energize with India’s best oxygen rich mineral water? Then Oxyrich is the one to go for. Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal known as RMD is the proud founder of Manikchand group who ventured into diverse platforms in business. Manikchand Oxyrich mineral water is one such business venture started in the year 2002 under RMD Foods and Beverages Pvt Ltd. Manikchand Group’s empire comprises the following business streams in which they are one among the largest and most successful manufacturers and distributors:

oxyrich top mineral water brands in india
oxyrich top mineral water brands in india

(i)RMD-Pan Masala; Manikchand Packaging – high quality packing solutions for leading corporate and MNC’s; (ii) Manikchand Roller Flour Mills–bulk supplier of flour in southern India; (iii) Manikchand Promoters & Developers Pvt Ltd – premium real estate solutions; (iv) Wind Energy Solutions–sustaining nature & substantial investments in the renewable energy sector; (v) JRD Designs–invitation card printing; (vi) JRD Printpack Pvt Ltd–India’s most integrated offset printing units; (vii) Pet Performs & Closures–pet performs for water and edible oil.
Oxygen is the most vital component that boosts our body system. Energizing with oxygen optimally is the core content of the product Manikchand Oxyrich Mineral water. With ground breaking patented oxygenation process, Oxyrich stands for its name by infusing 300% more oxygen. The company boasts that it is the only packaged water brand in India with such innovative technology to enhance healthy living with sumptuous oxygen content. Whole body is energized with improved metabolism, high energy levels which are the keys to complete wellness is the takeover from the product.
Headquartered at Pune, India, the company has established plants at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Haridwar. In order to maintain high quality and trustworthy delivery the group also manufactured pre-forms, caps, labels and cartons under its own territory carried over by Dhariwal Industries Ltd. This private limited company now serves consumers across the country in and around 29 states and 5 union territories.
The packaged drinking water is available in 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liters and 20 liters packed in pet bottles and plastic bubble top cans. This essential product is priced under the affordable range of INR 10 to INR 200. With an unshakable patent, high end equipped plants and well-organized manufacturing and distribution set up, the company ensures its standard influenced quality products to enter the market which quenches the thirst of every human being. This company tops the market with its untiring effort and streamlined pattern with a ground breaking turnover of INR 130 Billion.
With state-of-the-art technology, the process involves dissolving pure oxygen physically with well-researched technology. Path-breaking patent ensured that the high level oxygen content is perfectly infused, maintained and being preserved till each bottle reaches the consumer.
Filtration, chlorination, eradicating microbial contamination, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis process, ozone treatment, infusing 300% oxygen are the steps involved in the process which deliver Manikchand OXYRICH mineral water with high oxygen content.
Patent OXYRICH Technology: after being completely purified, the water is infused with 300% more oxygen under specific TDS and pH levels.
Any product must be certified and register under proper Government body. Manikchand OXYRICH packaged drinking water is certified with ISO 22000:2005, which is the world standards for food safety and management system.
The products are easily available in local retail stores, grocery shops, malls, bus stands, railway stations and airports. For product related queries, bulk orders and industrial visit permission, contact 91 20 26057377/+91 20 26057099.
Manikchand House, 100-101, D.Kenedy Road, Pune-411 001, India. To know more about the product and other divisions of the group company, visit


The most trusted packaged mineral water brands in India is none other than Bisleri which is a trendsetting leader in the business. An Italian Entrepreneur Signore Felice Bisleri, founded Bisleri Ltd in 1969 which was started in a town called Nocera Umbrain Italy. It was later bought by Parle Company, a leading soft drink and beverage Industry after Bisleri being launched in Mumbai in 1965. Then Bisleri has become one among the highly rated and demanded products of Parle. Strong marketing and unshakable research and development team joint hands together achieve sustained success in the competitive market.

bisleri major mineral water brands
bisleri major mineral water brands

This trusted Drinking Water Company is powered with 125 operational plants that make sure to deliver the best in quality to withstand its promise to the consumers. This household brand name Bisleri is known as a symbol of goodness, trust and purity that has travelled a long way to grab its current position in the market. With an unshakable distribution network of 3000 distributors and 5000 distribution trucks, the products reach consumers across India and neighboring countries.
Other brands being marketed under the flagship of Bisleri are Vedica, Fonzo, Spyci, Limonata, Bisleri soda. The company also invests in plastic recycling, rainwater harvesting and special ozone therapy which in turn bring out the best in quality to its product ranges being manufactured.
The brand has launched strategically designed bottles with specific quantities to leverage the functionality of the customers. More than just providing purest water, the company has taken a step forward to deliver products according to the changing requirement of the consumers.
20 Litres Economy Pack: these bubble top cans are convenient for home and office usage.
5 Litre Rocking Bottle: easy, spill free pouring designed cans can be used in showrooms, hostels, hospitals etc.,
1.2 Litres Bada Bisleri: these pet bottles serve a couple of people or the best one to be carried all day.
1 & 2 Litre Bottles: these bottles are suitable for a day long road trip or short travel family outing where you will never want to halt to find a store to quench your thirst.
500ml Pet Bottles: Being the first brand to introduce 500ml pet bottles, the R & D team has put immense effort to understand the needs of consumer’s way ahead than other competitors in the market. These easy-to-carry compact pet bottles that can be carried in handbags, quenches thirst at once are suitable for conferences, banquet halls, events and house parties.
300ml Rockstar: this strategically designed model breaks all stereotype cylindrical shapes which don’t fit in all circumstances. This Rockstar quenches quick thirst and stays with us all the way. Briefcase and small handbags find space for this small-sized friend.
250ml Mini: These sweet little small sized bottles are best for small party and individual usage. Hygiene can be maintained from children to elders by providing these mini pet bottles.
As India is known for its diversity, the bottles are marketed with labels in local prominent languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Oriya across the country. Implementing green earth concepts and preserving the nature’s boon of natural resources and ecosystem, Bisleri changed its label to aqua green color in 2006 to symbolize its products that raises hands to preserve mother earth and its fertility.
This scientifically tested, one of the most trusted brands in India in packaged drinking water industry that reassures its standards in quality from the very first step of the process which is sourcing water till the end of being delivered to the consumers. This long way process has tests and tolls now and then which undergoes unbelievable 114 tests before entering the market. This entire process and product control measure is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS.
Bisleri International Private Lts, Western Excpress Highway, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 099, India.
Bisleri products are available in nearby grocery stores, malls, bus stands, railway stations, airports and in online shopping websites. Bisleri drinking water comes under an affordable price range of INR 10 to INR 100. Its exclusive size and design enables people of all ages to use at ease. For product related queries, bulk orders and customer care contact toll free number 1800 121 1007 and also visit to know in depth regarding purification process and breathtaking 114 tests.


World’s largest beverage companies, the Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) launched Kinley in the year 2000. Kinley comes in two types, namely packaged drinking water and carbonated flavored drinks. It is one among the high quality and easily available brands in India that stole India’s trust from the very beginning and has a unique position as the best bottled mineral water brands in India. As the quality and availability of the product never disappointed the consumers, the brand’s demand scale increased, which pushes them to launch newer range of flavored beverages.

kinley top mineral water brands
kinley top mineral water brands

As India stands as the 4th largest consumers of bottled beverages, The American Company Coca-Cola never leaves this amazing demand filled ground. Their other beverage products include:
Coca-Cola Aerated Drink,Cocoa-Cola Light,Coca-Cola No Sugar; Minute Made: Pulpy Orange, Apple, Mangolitchi, Pulpy Santra, Smoothie, Litchi Treat, 100% Indian Santra, 100% Indian Apple, Pulpy Mosambi, Anar, Guava, Gritty Guava, Mixed Fruit, Color, Pineapple, Nutriforce Apple, 100% Indian Anar, Tomato, Cranberry, Nutriforce Mixed Fruit, Fruit Punch Santra Mosami, Nimbu Fresh; Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up Charged,Thumbs Up Charged No Sugar; Schweppes Tonic Water; Schweppes Ginger Ale,Schweppes Soda Water;Rani Float Orange,Rani Float PeachRani Float Strawberry-Banana, Rani Float Pineapple; Vio Nutrishake, Vio Flavred Milk; Aqua Glucocharge Apple; Fruit Punch Indian Twister; Powerade; Limca Juicy + Masala; Spicy Juicy+; Fanta, Fanta Juicy; Fuze Tea Punch; Fuze Tea Lemon; Sprite; Sprite Zero; Rimzim; Vintingo; Aquarius Glucocharge Orange; Barbican; Aplle Sparkle. Limca; Maaza,Maaza Refresh; Zico, Georgia, Kinley Water, Kinley Soda.
Coca-Cola understands that farmers are the backbone of Indian economy and uplifting them will result in a fruitful journey filled with colors and tastes that will definitely win people’s heart. Not only farmers, Coca-Cola has touched the main streams of agriculture, education, women empowerment, sustainability, eco-friendly practices, green revolution, water conservation, skill building, school programmes, addressing diversity, developing community, innovation and many such areas which strengthen the business and help to maintain the business in the top most order of most beloved and consumed brand in India.
Kinley being marketed under the Big B The Coca-Cola Company definitely stands by its own standards and every changing quality. Kinley is powered by reverse-osmosis along with the latest technology that ensures purity which is well treated and contains the right amount of salts of sodium and magnesium.
Kinley packaged drinking water is available in 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litres pet bottles and 20 litres, 25 litres bubble top cans which can be used according to one’s need be it from home to long distance travel. Kinley being the companion for many decades to its consumers and the very source, the nature from where water is being drawn, the company always makes sure that every need of its consumers and community is benefited throughout the process. Spread in 27 countries globally, this mass supporting company provides the fundamental requirements of human race with best possible quality. Major factories and power plants are widespread in Africa, Asia, Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, India and North America. Serving people globally, Kinley has brought laurels to the company with many noteworthy awards in its journey. Few among them are Effie awards for Consumer Products: Beverages and Drinks in 2015, ZEE Awards for Cold beverages and India Awards for Food and Beverage in 2015. Being the largest manufacturers of bottled drinking water and beverages, the company strikes the market with a challenging turnover of $188 Billion.
This well maintained and high end purified drinking water adheres to the packaged drinking water quality recommended by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
The company has never settled for what they have achieved. Well scrutinized R & D team keep on pushing to greater heights with world class technology to come up with extraordinary solutions. Coca-Cola has launched Glaceau Smartwater, a type of distilled portable water that comes with ultra-light packing that benefits more than backpacking conventional water.
Powerade P3 machine is the current attraction which is launched to retain sports people hydrated throughout the sport activity. The machine analyses and measures the required fluid quantity of an athlete’s body and dispenses appropriately. Loss of electrolytes, energy and water content of each sportsman is captured by the real-time hydration sensor capability. This machine eases the stress and effort of trainers who keep track record of not only their performances but also their body fluid content that enhances one’s efficiency.
Kinley packaged drinking water cans are priced within the nominal range of INR 15 to INR 150 to reach the masses of all status. The products are available starting from nearby grocery stores, shopping malls, theatres, railway stations, bus stands, airports etc and in online. For product related doubts and queries call toll free 1800 208 2653 and visit to know in detail about the streams the company is working to retain its status at the first place.


One of the fast growing and one among the top 10 mineral water brands, is owned by the leader in food production industries, Parle Agro is the proud owner of Bailey Packaged Drinking Water which was launched in the year 1993. It also holds the pride of the second brand to be introduced in the market in packaged drinking water category. Highly equipped, well monitored 52 bottling plants which are energized by state-of-the-art technology, the brand manufactures products to satisfy every need of its consumer.

bailley top mineral water brands
bailley top mineral water brands

Not just mineral water, the company has successful markets for the following products that are popular for their household brand names.
• Appy-Refreshing Cool Apple Drink
• Appy Fizz-Feel the Fizz
• Bailey Soda-Incredible Power with Every Sip
• Café Cuba-The Coffee Revolution
• Dhishoom-The Masala Punch Jeera Masala Soda
• Frio-What Cool? Flavored Carbonated Drinks Range
• Frooti-Live The Frooti Life Mango Drink.
• Frooti Fizzy-Frooti Go! Fizzy Go! Mango Juice Based Fizzy Drink.
Bailey packaged drinking water is enriched with essential minerals, free from toxic substances, microbial organisms, contains specified pH levels, odor and color less product which also comprises many such constructive factors. The most vital part of the whole process is the very first step involved which is the sourced water for purification does not contain any synthetic chemicals, toxic metals, radioactive elements and harmful bacteria. The fact that sensible action leads to fruitful endings is well understood by the company that invests in rainwater harvesting, which maintains ground water level.
Bailey packaged drinking water is available in different sizes and quantities for consumer’s convenience and specific needs.
• PET bottles of 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres and 2 litres are available to carry on-the-go purpose.
• 5 Litres, 20 litres and 25 litres jar are also available for office, home and daily usage purposes.
Seven stages of intensive purification process are being carried out before products move out of the factory. In fact, this the one among the brands that take post care in the distributor’s desk to preserve the purity of its products. The process is well taken care from the very first step of automatic washing till the final containers and jars being sanitized before filled with high end filtered, purified, mineralized, ozonized water. The natural minerals of PALP are the vital component that ensures every drop of Bailley packaged drinking water tastes the same across the country.
Stay proactive has been incorporated in Parle Agro business since it deals with manufacturing of food and consumable products, which is proved yet another time by setting strict standards to the work location, employees apart from just the materials involved in the process. Periodical examination is conducted to the food handlers and people being involved in production and manufacturing processes to officially guarantee and evaluate one’s medical fitness and treated with proper vaccination by the NABH certified hospitals. Not just machines and materials matter, people who work day and night are the building blocks of the company’s success and whose health has been prioritized first among the rest.
Integrated management system incorporated by bailey from its owner Parle Agro confirms product quality, safety, hygiene prioritizing consumer centered approach,
This high end purification process involved with 7 rigorous steps and with excelling quality tests set tight with 30 parameters the process and the final product is adhered to the standards specified by the governing body of Bureau of Indian Standards BIS& FSSAI. The company is accredited as Schedule IV certificate from the Food Safety Standards Authority of India which also holds IS: 14543: 2004 Certification.
As rain water is the main dependable source of water, the company understands well about the current scenario and has taken tremendous action not only to preserve the natural resources but also to reduce the damage caused to the environment unlike other competitors. Concentrating on business alone would fetch market and profit, but preserving the nature’s best boon would save the lives of our upcoming generation. A strong note that is kept firmly in mind the company has invested INR 50 crores in PET Plastic Waste Management (PWM) program. Aiming higher, the company joins hands with partner concerns and involves in Swachha Bharat Mission initiated by Government of India to reach the top position to collect 100% PET Bottle waste nationally.
Corporate Head Office
Parle Agro Pvt Ltd, Off Western Express Highway, Sahar-Chakala Road, Pariswada, Andheri (East), Mumbai–400 099, India. Contact 022-67348000 for more details, queries and customer care services. Visit www.parleagro,.com to know in detail regarding products, sustainability, brand information, company portfolio and much more.


The largest food company in the world and a multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation Nestle S. A owns Nestle Waters. Headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland, this company is spread worldwide and meets its consumers with a wide range of food products and beverages. One among their subsidiary divisions is Nestle Waters, which entered the market in the year 1992. Being a sub brand of the big company, this brand also owns its separate position as the World’s largest bottled water brands that deliver safe and pure water for consumption. Cuban-Born American Journalist Cristina Maria Saralegui has been assigned as the brand’s ambassador for the product to reach more heights and to stay popular in the widespread competition. Not just by showcasing bold ambassador, the company boasts with a turnover of INR 89.6 Billion. This grand company owns 48 water brands and 2 tea brands that are being marketed over 5 continents.

pure life mineral water brands
nestle pure life mineral water brands

The other brands owned by Nestle which has been the warehouse of processing food, supplementary, beverages, soft drinks, drinking water, chocolates, bakers, confectioneries, energy drinks, packaged foods, processed infant baby food, culinary products, frozen pizzas, ice creams, frozen yoghurts, desserts, low fat processed meals, instant noodles, soups, chocolate powder, syrup, iced tea, green tea products, nutrition formulas, weight loss program, fruit juices, bread spreads, sauces and pet foods for cats and dogs are listed below in alphabetical order.
Aero, Purina Alpo, Purina Bakers Complete, Puerina Baneful, Boost, Buitoni, Cailler, Carnation, Purina Cat Chow, Nestle Cerlac, Cheerios, Xchef, Chef Michael’s Canine Creations, Chef Mate, Coffee-Mate, Diigiorno, Dog Chow, Dreyer’s, Extreme, Fancy Feast, Felix, Fitnerss, Friskies, Garoto, Gerber, Gourmet, Herta, Hot Pockets, Haagen-Dazs, Jack’s, Kitkat, La Laitiere, Lean Cuisine, Lion Cereals, Maggie, Milkybar, Milo, Minor’s Trusted By Chef, Movenpick, Naturnnes, Nescafe, Nescafe Cappuccino, Nescafe Decaff, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Nescafe Gold Blende, Nescafe Original, Nescafe Origin 3 In 1, Nescafe Ready To Drink, Nespresso, Nesquik, Nesquik Breakfast Cereal, Nestea, Nestle Ice Cream, Nestle Les Recettes De I’Atelier, Nestle Pure Life, Nido, Nutren Junior, Optifast, Orion, Peptamen, Perrier, Pland Spring, Purina, Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, Quality Street, Resource, S.Pellegrino, Sjora, Smarties, Stouffer’s, Thomy, Toll House, Tombstone.
Stay hydrated and stay healthy with Nestle PureLife packaged drinking water that delivers pure, safe, tasty, thirst quenching, refreshing drinking water. Nestle being a multinational conglomerate, the Nestle waters concentrate more on the water that is being used to produce a bottle of purified drinking water. Reducing the usage of water or in other words with high technology, purifying and enabling the water drawn from the source to attain the best of consumable standards is no joke. But this is being achieved by this water division that has gone a long way of research and development that finally has reduced water usage to 1.94 liters of water to manufacture1 liter of purified drinking water. This being the major reason that holds nestle water on top of the list and hails as one of the most environment efficient bottled beverages.
The same ideology is being followed by the company in manufacturing other beverages as well. 1 liter of cranberry juice uses 84.6 liters of water and 1 liter of soft drink is produced with 366 liters of water.
Being a leader in the industry, one must set proper goals and stand by the same to be a positive example for the successors to follow. Among the costly mineral water brands in India, Nestle has always been such a leader that other brands look upon. Sustainability is the most vital aspect that ensures the consumers as well as the company being benefited from the nature’s amazing resources. Nestle has been a pioneer in manufacturing recyclable PET bottlers that goes green from this innovation.
PET bottle recycling process undergoes the following stages.
1. Collecting; 2. Sorting; 3. Shredding; 4. Cleaning; 5. Melting
8 Oz: easy to carry on-the-go that exactly finds space in a lunch box, backpack and purse.
500ml: easy grippy modeled bottle keeps one hydrated whiles stepping out for short time works.
20 Oz: sits right in your fridge and can be carried for a day long outdoor.
23.7 Oz: water sport model comes with easy open sports cap enables spill free usage that quenches your thirst be it a play time or a rocky road trip. Usual cap modeled bottle is 100% recyclable bottle that serves the consumers as well as Mother Nature.
1 liter: track your water intake be it a party, outing, family gathering by staying hydrated with hygienic habit.
1 Gallon: best suitable for offices, home usage with an easy pour spout.
3 Gallons: bubble top design enables one to use in official and personal spaces where we make sure water is available for everyone’s usage.
5 Gallons: bubble top model that makes sure water availability for crowded society or serves for a couple of days.
PRICE: Nestle quality assured pure drinking water is set within the appropriate price range between INR 50 to ONR 300.
As Nestle waters manufacture bottled drinking water under a wide range of brands that reach consumers worldwide, the company adheres to the standards specified by the concern country and state that affirms the marketing line. Without satisfying such standards, a company cannot enter and sustain the highest position in the market. Under The international authorities (Codex Alimentarius) which has famed a strict food and drink standards, the certification vary nation to nation that adapts from this organization. Control Tests and procedures that ensure hydrological, physical, chemical and bacteriological are implemented by Nestle Waters that exceeds international required standards.
Unbelievably crafted 2000 control points assure the quality of nestle waters before it reaches the consumers. Starting from bottle caps, PET bottle design that contains resin, transport panel that brings water from source, purification process, rigorous quality tests, suppliers’ maintenance and commitment towards piled up stock ready to market every part of the process is carefully tested stage wise under HACCP and Nestle Quality system.
Nestle waters packaged drinking water can be purchased from online shopping websites and from official website as well. International airports have this brands packaged drinking water and beverage variety as most travelers trust bottled water to make sure their health and hydration regime.
For product related queries, information, follow up on purchase made from official website contact toll free number 1866 599 8980 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. for offers, bulk orders, availability, information and other brands owned by Nestle Waters visit


Diet aqua one among the top 20 mineral water brands in India, which was established in the year 2001. From day one, the company has put forth its complete dedicated efforts to act as a catalyst to deliver the best of their efforts to its consumers. Gradually, Diet Aqua has become one of the leading mineral water brands in the state of Tamilnadu. From mineral water, the company has extended its venture into flavored varieties of drinks and liquid diet under the flagship of Diet Aqua.

diet aqua top mineral water brands
diet aqua top mineral water brands

The products of Diet Aqua include
 Water: Packaged Drinking Water, Demineralized Water,
 Soda: Club Soda, Lemon Soda, Paneer Soda, Jeera Soda
 Drink: Orange Drink, Mango Drink,
 Sachet: Lemon Sachet, Orange Sachet, Mango Sachet.
Diet Aqua is one among the company that delivers quality with standards. With high-tech equipment and on par purification plants, the process of manufacturing Diet Aqua mineral water undergoes rigorous tests at every step of the process. Equipped plants with IS 14543 (GMP, GHP & GLP) certification, the complete product area is certified and safe for the whole action to be carried out.
• 20 Liter – PC/PET: suitable for home and work areas
• 5 Liter: best partner for a long day road trip with family
• 2 Liter: easy carry companion all day long
• 1.5 Liter: quencher at a quick team/friends meet
• 1 Liter: easy carry on-the-go pal
• 500 ML: personalized sippy pet for best quality hygiene
• 300ml: quick thirst quencher
• 200ml: easy bottoms up pet bottle
• Cups – 250ml & 300ml: no slip between the cup and the lip pick
• Sachet – 250ml & 300ml: compact splash of sweetness
The purification process as tiring as we are not aware of. The process includes 14 steps before it reaches a consumer safely. The process starts from
1. Water Collection from Bore well; 2. Chlorine Dozer; 3. Raw Water Tank Storing; 4. Pressure Sand Filter; 5. Activated Carbon Filter; 6. Pre- Micron Filters; 7. High-Pressure Pump; 8. Ro System; 9. Post- Micron Filters; 10. UV Sterilizer; 11. Ozonator; 12. Filling Section; 13. Qc Lab; 14. Finished Product.
With IS 14543:2004, the whole process is certified under BIS standards and oblige to Amend:8 which assures hygiene during and after manufacturing process.
With 2000 retailers across Tamilnadu, the brand is widespread in and around the state. Over 70+ models are being launched by the company and drinking water products are priced under the best affordable range of INR 10/- to INR 150/-. Diet Aqua packaged drinking water is available on local retail stores, supermarkets, railway stations and common public attraction areas.
AKSHAYA AQUA FARMS,# 347/1A, Vayalur Road, Ulundai Village,Thiruvallur Dist. Pin: 602 105.
For product related details and customer care support, contact +91) 9444376645 /47/48. Visit to know more about other products of the brand in detail.


Tata Consumer Products Limited is the founder of this exquisite range of mineral water. No doubt that it is one of the expensive mineral water brands in India because of its exotic out-of-the world taste and purity of nature. “Brought to you by nature, bottled at source by us.” Is the tagline that has proven its standards by every thirst quenching crisp sip. Its nature’s pure magic all the way from Shivalik Mountains, from Himalayas and TATA’s eminent package process that reaches the consumers in every nook and corner of the nation. Amazing, isn’t it?

himalayan major mineral water brands
himalyan major mineral water brands

Can you believe that nature is the best purifier? Oh, yeah! TATA has taken immense R&D help to prove the facts of nutrient rich filtration and mineral presence that revitalize and rejuvenate human’s whole body mechanism. This process of natural purification takes 20 years’ complete tour to reach the bed of Shivalik mountains from where the water is directed to 400 feet underground channel through pristine steam aquifer where the 20-year-old precious mineral rich water is packed carefully.
The real filers and mineral sources are very fine sand particles, clay sediments, rocky rides between the rocks and flowy waves all the way from the top. Nature is the best source of minerals and salts that are essential for a human’s body. The real essential need of every human being which is pure untouched drops of water is rediscovered and delivered with same purity from the hands of ever-loving nature. Every drop of Himalayan mineral water is untouched, which is crystal clear that treats your taste buds with a sweetness of purity.
 High pure, exotic taste infused essential Himalayan waters are categorized as follows:
 Himalayan–The Natural mineral water
 Himalayan Sparkling–Source Water with a dash of Sparkle
 Himalayan Still- Natural Mineral water, now available in a sleek glass bottle
 Himalayan Orchard Pure–Natural Mineral Water with 100% Natural Flavors (100% Natural flavored Mineral Water which come in delicious fruit flavors of Peach, Strawberry & Apple).
Every bottle of Himalayan Natural mineral water contains the following amount of minerals.

Sodium 2.0
Magnesium 1.5
Bicarbonates 26.3
Fluorides 0.02
Chlorides 0.8
Calcium 6.2
Potassium 0.2

Himalayan – the natural mineral water is sized according to one’s requirements. The price of Himalayan- the natural mineral water ranges from INR 2500/- to INR 6000/-
 200 ml: quick sip that takes you to time travel to Himalayas and back.
 500 ml: lingering minerals that is best during work-outs and to follow a daily regime.
 750 ml: best companion to keep a track on water with mineral consumption on a daily basis.
 1 litre and 1.5 litre bottles: take your precious dude wherever you go to energize and strike a level up in daily life.
As TATA stands by its standards so as their brands. Can you believe that Himalayan natural drinking water is the recipient of international certification by Institut De Fresenius, Germany — the world leader in the treatment of environment pollution and production technology of natural mineral water? But yes. it is approved!
Product quality certification: Genuine Natural Mineral Water, as per EU Regional Codex Standard; NSF International certification.
Plant certification: ISO 9001-2008, OSHAS 18001-2007; approved by US FDA.
As a proud company, Himalayan natural miner water has taken up help from the sun which is the powerhouse of energy to energize this natural purification and preserving process. 25% of the producing is eased by solar energy therefore by reducing 18% of carbon emission to the atmosphere.
The Cook Stove Project has brought smiles on thousands of women surrounding the mountains who find it way easier and efficient way to cook rather than the conventional way.
From kids to elders, water is essential so as the minerals in it. Delivering the right amount of such nutrition to your family is now in your hands! Grab your Himalayan natural mineral water from nearly hyper markets, airports and retail stores near you and also via online shopping website Bigbasket. Now this pure water is available in 40 countries round the globe serving the entire humanity with the goodness of nature.
Corporate / Registered Office: NourishCo Beverages Ltd. | (A TΛTΛ PEPSICO JV)
Level -3, Pioneer Square, Sector-62, Near Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon 122002, (Haryana), India.
For product related details and customer care services, contact 1800-345-1720 and also visit


Tata water plus is one among the top mineral water brands in India as is it as an umbrella brand of India’s most trusted brands in consumer’s market, TATA. This multinational company has never set its boundaries. Venture into the unknown and become a benchmark among the leads is the success motto inspired by Tata Group. Mineral water is one among such stream where the company launched the following brands and received National CSR Award for the same.

tata water plus major mineral water brands
tata water plus major mineral water brands

 Himalayan: premium range exquisite taste mineral water
 Tata water plus: nutrient water with goodness of copper.
TATA has always been a pioneer to deliver the best in quality and enrich nutrition, be it poor or rich. Irrespective of their status, serving humanity with live and ensuring good health is their ultimate goal. One such product is TATA WATER PLUS, which is not just a mineral water but is nutrient water.
Being a face of an international company is not that easy as it looks. Tata has formed an exclusive team of international scientists and Genius Indian nutrition experts to materialize this dream project. When science meets technology innovation is born so as TATA WATER PLUS which came right away from high-tech science oriented process.
Infusing copper which supports whole body mechanism and zinc which is essential to strengthen immune system is the secret combination of this nutrient rich water.
Time to know the fact: One litre of the Tata Water Plus contains 40% Copper and 30% for Zinc as per RDA Standards which can be easily absorbed by human body. Copper being the higher proportion, the product is labeled as ‘With Goodness of Copper”.
The product is priced very nominally to reach people of kinds to enrich with nutrients and copper goodness to bridge the nutritional gap in an average Indian’s diet.
 1 Litre: Nutrient Water in a Pick at INR 20/-
 500 Ml: Easy-Peasy Nutria-Gain on-the-go at INR 10/-
 200ml Pouch: Quick-Quench Squeezy-Pouch at INR 2/-
Tata Consumer Products Limited, 11/13, Botawala Building,1st Floor, Office # 2-6 Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai–400001. For product related details and customer care services, contact 1800 345 1720. Visit official website for more related details.


Vedica is one of the best natural mineral water brands in India manufactured by Bisleri International Pvt Ltd. It is the finest finding of a quest to discover India’s purest natural water. The research and efforts brought more than what was expected during the spring of 1969 which the birth-story of India’s purest natural mineral water brands. Bisleri boats its invention as the best of all natural gifts and shares its privilege in delivering the finest essential to the man-kind yet another time.

vedica top mineral water brands
vedica top mineral water brands

it is no joke but a pure result of centuries of harvest! Vedica is the best of nature’s gift from the mighty Himalayas. Not just Himalayas, the sacred water relishes itself in the tranquility of Mount Kailash which is then replenished by the mighty magic of Manasarovar before ending into the spring. Do you really know the facts and benefits of this one-of-a-kind Himalayan water? Here we present the best gain from this world-class mineral water brand that can do more than quenching your thirst!


 Multitude nutrients from the Altitude!
Vedica’s entangled beauty is the powerhouse of naturally occurring essential minerals, which is the rarest combination. It is the finest combo of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Sulphates and Bicarbonates at par! The mixture of such minerals blends up to naturally from the twisted pathway where the bedrocks, mountain ranges, the purest atmospheres are the filters which deliver the Purest Himalayan water all from a spring.
 Stress buster it is!
Vedica is the only mineral water brand that has the high level of ph value that is 7.9 as it comes from full of altitude. This altitude beauty is the boon for humankind, which is a natural antacid and calming antidote that sways one’s stress away!
 Whole body rejuvenation
Vedica unravels the rarest secret of nature–cleanse, restore, replenish with high natural sulphates.
 Treat for taste buds!
An amazing and unique taste is achieved by low sodium and magnesium levels that deliver goodness of nature in every quench.
 Flush out toxins!
Vedica, being the brand with high Ph level, has a unique power to sway out toxins and neutralize acids in our body.
This blessed-by-nature water is bottled at the foothills of Himalayas in Uttarkhand. With utmost care and dedication, the bottling process is carried out with step-by-step check posts by the quality team. This brand of quality is also certified under BIS and IS: 14534. The product is available in following sizes.
• 1 litre – INR 60
• 500 ml – INR 40
• 250 ml – INR 15
Vedica mineral water can be spotted out at the most happening events and high-class restaurants and gatherings. it also can be spotted out at hyper markets, retail stores and online for purchase.
Online purchase?
Definitely! Surf into to order as per below mentioned quantity.
• 1 Litre Vedica: 1 Case = 12 Bottles
• 500ml Vedica: 1 Case = 20 Bottles
• 250ml Vedica: 1 Case = 24 Bottles.
For customer care services and product related queries, contact toll free number 1800 120 0007.


Narang groups is the sole owner of this, yet another Himalayan natural mineral water brands. Among the costliest mineral water brands in India, QUA is the one that delivers purity at affordable cost, hence serving humanity with the best of nature’s serenity. The brand stands by three keys that expels out-of-the-box from its competitors. For its purity and standards, every drop of QUA water is tested and certified under ISO 22000: 2005.

qua top mineral water brands
qua top mineral water brands


Mineral Composition Mg/L
Calcium 58
Magnesium 7
Sodium <20
Potassium 2
Bicarbonates 219
Fluorides <0.1
Chlorides 17
Nitrates 1

Just mineral water is now so outdated. QUA is the new mantra that can make your body and mind to shine, which is divine! Beauty speaks from within is what we all believe in. This water is now a remedy that keeps you fit inside-out. How? Find out here how QUA fixes your power from within.
Fact that may surprise you!
An average human’s mental and physical performance is reduced by 20% when 2% of dehydration takes place. Now you get to know the importance of drinking not just water, but with right mineral content.
 Healthy heart- protection from within
With high magnesium levels, QUA restores and relaxes heart muscles that ensures a good cardio-health.
 Healthy weight-pal for your journey
Worried about clash in healthy diet plans? Never ever, from now! With right calcium content, QUA ensures healthy bones and vitalize muscle contraction.
 Healthy skin-upholds your beauty!
Magic of silica enriches and strengthens your hair, beautifies your skin and restores your nails.
 Detox treatment-easily done!
Detox treatment done right with this bottle of minerals that stands by its 3r’s. replenish, renew, repeat!
 Upgraded metabolism-ready for the tour?
QUA ensures whole body revitalization and rejuvenation which results in discovering healthy and active ever you! All naturally.
 Youth restored- activate your cells!
QUA that have full influence from inside and out that touches every panel of your body restores nature’s most precious gift. Supple skin and young mind is assured as returns!
 Cell-to-Cell rejuvenation
With high pH value 7.55, QUA is totally alkaline and mineral rich, which enables electrochemical activity that rejuvenates from cell to cell.
This untouched nature’s gift is finely bottled at source with dedicated French bottling expertise. 100% natural, 0% chemicals, 100% organic minerals are packed with techno-support to restore the same until it is being opened by you! Ever wondered to inaugurate? Yes! you will be the first one to open the doors of healthy living with QUA as your companion. QUA Himalayan water bottles are sized into 200ml, 500ml and 1 litre pet bottles that are designed with excellence. As this the only brand that comes at affordable cost, the price ranges from just INR 10 to INR 60.
QUA Himalayan water presence can be seen at happening places, few of which in Chennai, India as follows. Punjab Grill, Kobe Restaurant, Le Royal Meridian, MGM – The Residency Resort, Radisson Blu Hotel, The Park–Gemini, Tryst Cafe (Gatsby Village), Haagen Dazs (P), Jonahs Bistro (P).
QUA is easily available in nearby retail stores, malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets, airports, bus stands and in essential selling stores.
CONTACT: Sarkar Heritage, 1st & 2nd Floor, B-869, Kane Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai, 400050. For product related queries and customer care services call +91 22 6133 0508. Visit


Rail neer is the most trusted packaged drinking water in India. it is an amazing initiative by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporate Limited (IRCTC). Ever forgot to bring a water bottle on your train trip? No worries. You are covered with this exclusively available quality, rich packaged drinking water. Rail Neer is the only package drinking water which is sold on railway stations with pure intention to quench the thirst of people of all kinds. With no compromise on quality, this brand is made affordable for people of all classes. IRCTC is doing a great service to the nation with its multifold manifests. This project is yet another one that proves their dedication and involvement in tourists’ and passenger’s good books. Have you heard a well-known proverb ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? then you will get it right. IRCTC boasts with a ground breaking turnover of INR 1504 crores annually. No advertisement, no marketing, pure product quality that led to take the face of serving nation equally.

railneer top mineral water brands
railneer top mineral water brands

Be it a long or short train journey, Rail Neer is the only companion for tourists and passengers throughout the nation. It is the only trusted mineral water brand when you enter a railway station which is being sold at stalls and platforms. Local availability and cheap price has nothing to do with quality. Utmost care and hard work is the backbone of this successful train water.
Abiding to the strict rules and regulations of Corporate Food Safety Management System(FSMS), the water is being manufactured and distributed. With essential salts of sodium and carbonated water, Rail Neer is processed under 8 step purification process to ensure its quality.
The sourced water is saved underground and gets back to the state-of-the-art techno plant by the pumping process.
The eight-step purification process involves the following steps:
Activated Carbon Filter; Stage 1 & 2, Auto Softener Unit (ASF), Ultra Filtration Unit (0.001-micron membrane), Reverse Osmosis (membrane 0.0001 micron), Marble chip filter, Two stage Micron Filters (first membrane 1 micron followed by 0.2 micron), Ultra Violet Sterilizer Unit, Ozonizing Unit.
BOTTLING: with high grade resin performs, automatic blowing machines, the processed water is stored in high grade plastic pet bottles of size 1 litre for just INR 10/-. In the next phase automatic Rinsing Filling & Capping machine completely dries out blown bottles with high pressure jet technology and caps are done all by specific automatic machines. Hence this complete process is automated in order to avoid human contact to preserve quality of this packaged drinking water.
This travel friendly mineral water is the cheapest mineral water brands in India. And you know why it is so now, if never before. Available in railway stations and online, you can find it nowhere. So cheap at cost is never cheap at quality when it comes to IRCTC services. It aims to serve people throughout India and tourists as No.1 packaged drinking water brand throughout the nation. For its untiring effort and quality at affordable rates, Rail Neer has won ‘Brand of The Year Awards 2018’ from Berkshire Media, LLC of USA.
Enjoy every trip with this thirst-quenching pal that brings smiles in faces of people and their wallets!


Aquafina is the India’s most favorite mineral water brand that is widely spread through the length and breadth of the nation. Owned by Pepsi Co corporation, a multinational business leader, the brand has set its standards, mountain high that gives quick hesitation to its competitors. This world class beverage company is widespread in more than eleven countries round the globe and also hails with the prestigious award ‘Fortunes World’s Most Admired Company’.

aquafine top mineral water brands
aquafine top mineral water brands

Yeah! Aquafina promises finest packaged drinking water for decades since 1994. These years of trust always pushed to grow a step higher and to serve the very best possible. Aquafina is not only one of the top 5 mineral water brands, it is now also best flavored mineral water brand in India. its innovations and values are as follows.

500 ml Aquafina Strawberry
1 Liter Aquafina Orange
20 liter Aquafina Cherry
Aquafina Can Apple
WILD BERRY raspberry

Aquafina has its unique benchmark for its crisp taste and quality by its ever compromising quality standards. The tests and regulations are set tight, leaving no room for mishaps. The water from the source is first regulated according to the standards of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All packaged drinking water brands must abide to meet the standards of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). UNLIKE OTHER BRANDS, Aquafina always fly high with pride and success. Want to know how? Here it is for you!
Any bottled water must have not more than 10 ppm to be authorized as ‘purified’. As it is an aqua of the finest, average Aquafina bottled water has TDS reading 4! Which is way lesser than the permissible limits! To talk stats, it is 2.5 times lower than the fixed standards by FDA. Not just this. It is also 75% lesser than the other competitors in the market. Now you know how Aquafina is always on the top of the list in this category. All thanks to the unique reverse osmosis RO purification process which involves Micro, Nano and Ultra-filtration processes that made this TDS target dream become true not only to the company but also for the humankind.
Aquafina is no more than just a mineral water, it is the one that sets up your moods with unique flavorful tastes. That too, with options to choose from? Then pick the one you love game becomes interesting. Aquafina is one of the best flavored mineral water brands in India that has launched its array of flavors in two categories.
Mineral water: pure, completely processed and delicately handled packaged drinking water which undergoes rigorous purification reaches your hands with utmost sincerity since decades.
Flavor splash: aqua with a pinch of flavor that relishes your body and mind that’s keeps you on all day.
Bubbly sparkling water: 15 flavorful carbonated water ranges give you the best of taste and experience with natural taste. It is the only known sparkling mineral water brands in India, you know?
 DIET PAL: worried about sugar and artificial sweeteners? No way that enters your bottle of joy! All Aquafina flavored mineral waters are sweeteners, and calories free carbonated water with all natural flavors.
 STILL SAFE: stay completely safe with Aquafina tin can purified still water ranges that revitalizes your complete system and stress will go out for vacation far away from you!
 FRUIT MAST: this is one of the rarest mineral water brands that deliver natural fruit flavor infused with goodness of pure water.
 HYDRATION: with perfectly sized package of joy, stay hydrated all day long with no compromise on healthy habit.
 STRESS BUSTER: flavorful taste of flavor splash givesinstant energy from within that enables to excel in all activities. Hence, mind and body bath are at the same page in phase to spring into action!
Aquafina packaged drinking water is available in the following quantities.
• 12 fl oz
• 16.0 fl oz
• 20 fl oz
• 24 fl oz
• 33.8 fl oz
• 42.2 fl oz
• 50.7 fl oz
Flavorsplash: 20 fl oz
Aquafina tin can & bubbly sparkling water: 12 fl oz.
Aquafina mineral waters are priced under a nominal range of INR 15 to INR 40. The products are easily available in nearby grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, bus stands, public happenings, etc. This safest drinking water for people of all ages is America’s best mineral water brands. In order to spread equality, Aquafina labels and packing are now bilingual to show its contribution on its nations’ unity.
For product related details and customer care support, call 1800 433 2652 on Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5 PM ET. For more information, visit


Kingfisher mineral water is one of the most trusted premium mineral water brands in India. One can easily guess by the name it is a product of Kingfisher Breweries Ltd. Famous for hard drinks, the company is also well known for its premium range of packaged drinking water. With much fame and popularity, Kingfisher packaged drinking water is one among the top five mineral water brands in India. with millions of customer base, the company is deep routed into the business since 1998.


Kingfisher is an all-rounder in the business, which is proven by its venturing skills and strategy. From the underprivileged to red carpet guests, kingfisher covers all kinds of masses within its products. Kingfisher’s premium range of water is the purest natural spring water, and Kingfisher packaged drinking water is one of the best mineral water brands. So do you get it?

kingfisher mineral water brands
kingfisher mineral water brands

If you get to travel all the way along the roads, grab Kingfisher packaged drinking water.
If you get to fasten your seat belts on a flight, you will get kingfisher premium water as  a compliment!
If you get to walk upside down in a bar, then no doubt that you have grabbed your shot of Kingfisher RC Soda and beer. And yeah! You get an option of combining the right mix of water and hard drink with Kingfisher’s soda!
So this is the one that crosses your way in every walk. And it is a leading brand that’s one of a kind.

Premium–Natural Spring Water 200ml, 500ml, 1 ltr
Packaged Drinking Water 200ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltrs, 5 ltrs, 20 ltrs
Soda 300 ml, 600ml, 2 ltrs
R C Cola 300 ml, 600ml, 2 ltrs

The whole process of water purification that starts from water collection till bottling is completely carried out by full automated technology to preserve the purity and quality of water. The process involves rigorous purification steps from initial filter, ozonization, reverse osmosis RO process, ultra-filtration etc. and the entire process of manufacturing and selling is designed under Government norms with ISI certification.
Natural spring water’s source travels a labyrinth that passes bedrocks and strikes the spring is full of vital minerals and naturally purified water is packed by high-tech automated machines to serve every drop of spring’s taste to linger in your taste buds.
This international brand can be spotted in most happening places such as events on fashion, sports, music, adventure, classy restaurants and much more. Starting from a nominal range of INR 7/- the price is distributed to INR 70 according to the range of product that you select. Suitable from kids to elders, this classy brand is available in hyper markets, happening spots and in airlines (need not mention Kingfisher airlines) indefinitely.
To know more on hard and hot sides of the company, visit

FAQ – Best 10 Mineral Water Brands In India

Which is the best mineral water brand in India?

Presenting you the best mineral water brands in India that have dedicated demand water is essential for livelihood. Aquafina, Bailley, Bisleri, Diet Aqua, Himalayan, Kingfisher, Kinley, Oxyrich, Purelife, QUA, Rilneer, Tata Water Plus, Vedica.

What re the premium mineral water brands in India?

Kingfisher, QUA, Vedica, Himalayan are the premium mineral water brands in India.

Which is the most expensive mineral water brand in India?

Himalayan Natural Mineral water a product of TATA groups is the most expensive mineral water brand in India which ranges from INR 2500/- to INR 6000/-.

Which is the No 1 mineral water brand in India?

Parle group’s Bisleri is the No 1 mineral water brand in India which fetches a jaw-dropping revenue of INR 2800 Crores.

Which is the best mineral water brand in America?

Aquafina is the best mineral water brand in America whose label is bilingual to support equality throughout the nation.

Which is the best flavored mineral water brand in India?

Aquafina, Bailey, Kinley, Tata water plus are the best flavored mineral water brands in India.

which is the cheapest mineral water brand in india?

Rail Neer is the cheapest mineral water brand which is an initiative of IRCTC with best intentions to quench the thirst of every train traveler around the nation.

What are the famous mineral water brands in India?

Aquafina, Bisleri, Bailley, Kingfisher, Kinley, Oxyrich, Purelife,Rilneer and Tata Water Plus are the famous mineral water brands in India.

Which mineral water brand is best for daily fitness regime?

Mineral water brands like Diet Aqua and Aquafina flavored mineral water which are rich in minerals and essential salts are the best recommended ones.

Which is the best mineral water in spring water category?

Vedica, a TATA product is the best spring water brand that has high pH value among all the other mineral water brands in india.

Which mineral water brand has high pH value?

Vedica, full of altitude which is the best spring water has proven to have the highest pH value among its competitors. Vedica is proven to have 7.9 pH value, which serves as natural antidote that removes toxins and relieves stress.

Which is the safest packaged drinking water brand in India?

Aquafina is the safest mineral water brand in India for the following reason. Any bottled water must have not more than 10 ppm to be authorized as ‘purified’. As it is an aqua of the finest, average Aquafina bottled water has TDS reading 4! Which is way more lesser than the permissible limits! To talk stats, it is 2.5 times lower than the fixed standards by FDA.

Brand NameAquafinaBailey BisleriDiet AquaHimalyanKingfisher Kinley OxyrichPure Life Qua RailneerTata Water PlusVedica
CC Number1800-4332652 1800-1211007 1800-121-1007 9444376645 1-866-561-9157 40030271/72/73 1800-208-265391-20-260573771800-27452821877-7827558220755-6610661,0755-409060018002240201800-121-1007
Products they produceSkin Care,Wrinkle Cream,Lip Balm Disteeled Water,Soft DrinksBisleri mineral water,. Bisleri sodaPackaged drinking water,paneer soda,Club sodaTata Water Plus and Tata Gluco+, Good Earth TeaKingfisher packages,drinking water, soda Disteeled Water,Soft Drinks Water,Mouth Freshers,Pan MasalaWater Water And Flavoured Drinks Water Food,Softdrinks Water Food,Tea,CoffeePackaged Water
No of Materials Water,Salts of Sodium,Magnesium Still And Corbonated,Water,Plastic,Salts Of Sodium Fully Recycle Plastic - - -Still And Corbonated,Water,Plastic,Salts Of Sodium Salts Of Sodium,Carbonated WaterSoduim Salts,Water, Salts Of Sodium,Carbonated Water Salts Of Sodium,Carbonated Water Salts Of Sodium,Carbonated Water,Zinc -
Price RangeRs 15-Rs 40 Rs 10-Rs 300Rs 10-Rs 100Rs 10-Rs 150Rs 2500-Rs 6000Rs 7 -Rs 70Rs 15-Rs 150Rs 10-Rs 200Rs 50-Rs 300Rs 10-Rs 60Rs 10 -Rs 200 Rs 10-Rs 100Rs 60
Avaiable Sizes500ml,1ltr,1.5 ltr1ltr,1,2 ltr,5ltr,2Oltr,200ml,500ml1.2 ltr,5 ltr 20 ltrs,250 ml,500ml,300ml 300ml,500ml,1ltr, 10 ltrs & 20ltrs1 ltrs,500ml,2ltrs250ml,500ml,1 ltr,2ltr,5ltr,20 litrs1 ltr,500ml,2 ltr,20 ltr,25 ltr200ml,500ml,1ltr,2ltrs,5ltr1ltr-5ltr200ml,50ml,1ltr,1.5 ltr200ml,500ml,1ltr,2ltrs,5ltr200ml,1ltr1ltr
Brand Selling Countries11+ India, U.A.EIndia, United Arab EmirateIndia 40 27 India28 India IndiaIndiaJapan and Some Middle East Countries
Brand started year1965199319692001196419981892, Coca Cola2010199320082012 1969
No of retails or dealersAll Shops300050002000 - Across Country In All Shops - All Branded Outlets - Across Country Railway Stations ALL Branded Outlets,And Grocery Shops -
Certification FSSAI Certified -BIS Registration CertificationIS 14543.IS 14543:2004 , IS 14543  US FDAIsi certification -ISO 22000 : 2005 Certification -ISO 22000-2005 Certified Company -Bis certifications is 14543
Location Gurgoan IndiaMumbaiMumbai ChennaiMumbaiMumbai - Pune Tamil Nadu Pune New Delhi Sheriguda,Ibrahimpatanam,Ranga Reddy Dist Mumbai
Brand Ambassador? Mahira KhanRanbir KapoorCamels -Deepika Padukone -Ranbir Kapoor - Cristina Saralegui,World Wide - - Tata Water Plus,Himalayan,Tata Gluco+
Brand value 1251 Crores2,800 Crores2,800 Crores, -$14.2 billion 2.5 million dollars$188 billion.130 Billion89.6 Billion Chf -1506 Crores5 Billion210 million usd
Founder Donald Kendall Parle Agro Pvt LtdAkshara Chaougale Sri RamanJRD Tata Dr. Vijay Mallya Coca ColaRasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal Nestle WatersRahul NarangIRTCT (Indian Railways Catering And Tourism Corporation Ltd) Tata Group Akshara Chaougale and Mona Parable
Owning Countries United States IndiaOrigin Italy,Right Now IndiaIndiaIndiaIndiaUnited States, IndiaSwitzerlandIndiaIndiaIndiaIndia