Best 10 Helmet Brands in India – Best Helmet Brand Name List

Helmets are the most emphasized product that is recommended at first while riding a motorcycle. In this article, we are going to see about the Best 10 helmet brands in India. It showcases an arena of ranges, product specifications, complete details, price ranges and many more.

Dominance of foreign helmet brands with exclusive features, eye-catching design and international standard certification is certainly more on Indian market. There is no alternative for helmets for sure when it comes to safety. It’s quite exciting to know that there is demand for 30 million helmets every year in India as Indian government emphases on safety and which is mandatory.

Certifications like DOT (Department Of Transport) and  SNELL in the USA, ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) R. 22.05 Version, SHARP rating system in the UK and CRASH in Australia are few of the vital tests that qualifies a helmet fit to be sold by the company and to be worn by the riders as well. Choosing a branded and certified helmet is the wise option among the cheap, local ones since it lacks the foremost quality of protection. Highly trusted, leading helmet brands name list which will be discussed in detail below.


One of the top 10 helmet brand, An Italian Author Liao invented home-based business making helmets in the 1990s, which had a good market and brought fame to the product. With ISO 9000 certification and over 2 million helmet productions per year and excelling in OEM and ODM products, the company did business directly to their consumer by introducing LS2 helmets in 2007 at the EICMA exhibition in Milan, Italy.

ls2 helmet


To grow faster and to have more followers, LS2 invest a lot of time and money in the research and development, and achieved the following ground breaking features.

EXTERNAL SHELL: the strong core is made of fiberglass composite, a high performance variant, composite are combined with polymer resin to achieve high abrasion resistance. The chin straps are designed according to DOT–authorized Quick Release System (QRS) for easy access. Visors are UV resistant quality.

VENTILATION: designed with dynamic flow through the ventilation system in all the models.

INTERNAL LINING AND PADDING: a mixture of carbon fiber and polymer resin, multiple layers are made in order to achieve a sturdy inner mould. Shock absorbing multi density EPS liners gives more protection and the comfort liner is made of hypo allergic fabric which is breathable and washable.

HIGH STANDARDS: the products undergo tests such as ECE, DOT, BSI, EPI and Sharp Testing that ensure the product quality.


According to the functionality, the product ranges differ which is as follows

HELMETS: Road race, HPFC EVO, Urban Commuter, Urban Downtown, Urban Limited, Off-Road mini.

These products have a complete bike ride solution for men, women, sports people and kids. Over 50 varieties of models are open in the global market of the brand, which is spread globally. The helmets come in three sizes, namely M, L and XL with a wide range of graphics and colors that adds extra sparkle with 5 years of warranty period. The products are available exclusively online via Amazon with 11% offer and in Flipkart with 10 days product return policy pricing from INR 500 to INR 10,000.

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Vega, one of the leading 10 best helmets manufacturing company, Vega Auto accessories Pvt Ltd came into market in the year 1982 as the pilot institution of the Vega Group of Companies by Dilip Chandak. With a motto to deliver ‘Quality above Quantity’, the R & D team always buckles up to innovative newer product in the market.


Headquartered at Belgaum, India, the vega has two more powerful plants in Uttarakhand with well-equipped set-up that ensures in-house design, machining, fabrication, assembly and testing facilities. Safety coupled with fashion really brings all eyes on this brand that led to promote ‘Designer headgear’ range of products and accessories. Bureau of Indian Standards, ISI approves the quality of the products under 4151 – Standards and Specification vide 9526-1980. This leading brand has a network that operates across the country along with over 400 dealers and has presence globally. Establishments are made in countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Angola, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE.


The following are the features which vary in combination according to the model.

EXTERNAL SHELL: it is made of high impact Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ABS Material, which makes the shell shock resistant. Optical polycarbonate visors with UV coating and Scratch resistance comes in clear, smoke, mercury and rainbow effects on selected ranges. Metallic quick release, silent buckle for and double reverted mechanism ensures functionality.

VENTILATION: On selected models, one top, two side vents, one mouth vent and four back exhausts provisions are featured according to specific models.

INTERNAL LINING AND PADDING: Vega helmets are designed with comfort liners which are removable, washable and especially odorresistant good quality material that sets up the rider’s mood all fresh. For more cushion fit, removable and replicable with optional pads are provided. Removable nose guard and removable wind protectors add more features to off-road helmets.

QUALITY:  ISI, DOT and ECE certification ensures their motto driven by passion for riding.



ACCESSORIES: Balaclava, Blunap, Helmet Spares, MX Goggles With Mask, Ready-Made Cotton Scarf, Safety Cable Lock, Side Box, Helmet Visors, Food Delivery Box.

The above-listed product needs riding safety requirements of people of all ages, from kids to ravishing bike enthusiasts, sportsmen.  More than 43 models of helmets are marketed under the price range of INR 700 to INR 3000. The products are available in online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart with 15 days return policy and 5 years warranty also with 2%, 10%. 15% and 22% discounts on specific models.

For product-related details and queries contact 8314218400, 8314218444 also visit


A leading helmet brand in India having the business heritage of their family. Tong Ho Hsing/THH helmets emerged in the year 2014 in Tainan, Taiwan. With more than 40 years of experience in assisting in the transformation of the company and its safety products, THH has state-of-the-art technology in their manufacturing plants, which never compromises on delivering quality product. With extensive research and development, the brand manufactures best of all range of helmets with utmost dedication that resulted in acquiring ISO 9000:2015 certification.


With high standards in quality and fashion in appearance, latest 3D software and analysis tools are used to meet the fast-growing and changing market standards. With international certifications, standards code materials and styles; the company has global markets in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Latin America.


EXTERNAL SHELL: It is made of advanced the Thermopoly shell layers for tough built. Shock absorbing dual layered EPS and chin bar gives more safety. The visor comes with Anti–UV shield and distortion free effect. The cool goody eyeglasses EZ-Fit add more look and serves a better purpose.

VENTILATION: designed with HY vent ventilation system to provide the best comfort for riders and bike enthusiasts to enjoy every ride experiencing the nature.

INTERNAL LINING AND PADDING: It’s atop comes with removable and washable 3M Scotchgard liner that eases the stress by providing a breathable mask for the heavy body. Tru-lock internal sun shield provides protecting from heavy heat intensity during summer and peak sunny days.

QUALITY STANDARDS: In order to deliver the best of quality and to strike the international market with standards, the products are rigorously tested to pass tests such as AS, DOT, ECE, JS, NBR, SNELL, CE and CPSC.


Full Face helmets: TT101, T840S, TS-81, TS-80, TS-43, TS-41 and TS-39;

Modular: T-797;

Motocross: T710X, TX-15 and TX-12;

Dual Sports: TX-28, TX-27, TX-26 and TS-45;

Downhill: T-42;

Open Face: T560S, T-396, T-314, T-383,T-382, T-388, T-386, T-373, T-381;

Half Type: T-70, T-72, T-62G.

The above products are designed to meet the requirements of male and female bikers, bike enthusiasts, and sports people. These products come in M, L and XL in a wide range of colors and attractive graphics, available at online websites like Amazon with 10% discount and in Flipkart. The products come with an easy 15 days return policy that gives happy online shopping experience under a price range of INR 2000 to INR 4500.

For product related details, contact +88-6-230-6262 on all business days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and visit


Studds, A best helmet brands in India introduced its premium range collection under the flagship of SMK helmets in 2016. This India-based company’s products are conceptualized and designed in Europe before being launched in India under the brand Studds. With two high tech fully furnished laboratories and factories, these good quality helmets are manufactured from scratch to end that qualify for the international homologations like European Standards ECE 22.05 certification.


From a startup to a leading brand in manufacturing helmets, SMK has travelled a long way reaping the benefit of successfully marketing over 23 countries around the globe. This trend setter brand sets the competition on with ground breaking turnover of 3972 crores.

Product features.

External shell: it is made of Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplasttic (EIRT) material to build a sturdy outer core. Dual retractable visor comes with scratch resistant coating, special UV resistant coating, breath deflector and patented pin lock antifog technology for best visibility in all climates. A sturdy reinforced strap, designed in away to protect at max during unfortunate impacts, also comes with a quick release mechanism for functionality.

Ventilation: the product comes with various combinations of exhausts to fetch a comfortable ride, be it a local or long travel. Channeled exhausts which comes at the top, chin air vents, hot air exhaust which comes at the back of the helmet and top air vents provides superior comfort for the riders.

Add on: unlike other brand products, SMK helmets come with wind protector that comforts rider’s eyes and face from cold winds to ease the discomfort and Bluetooth feature to go all hands on the bike.

Quality tests: international homologation ECE certification and PJ certification ensure the product quality.


The products are available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL sizes that fits for all riders according to their head size and face shape. The product list includes the following.

HELMETS: GLIDE (Open Face helmet & Full Face helmet), HYBRID EVO (Open Face helmet & Full Face helmet), TITAN, FORCE STEEL, FORCE, TWISTER, STELLAR, ELDORADO, ELDORADO JET helmets (Open Face), DERBY (Open face helmets), PHOENIX (Open Face helmet), SIRIUS (Open Face helmet), SWING (Open face helmets), COOPER (Open face helmets) , and STREEM (Open face helmets)

These products come with attractive graphic designs and in colours like Cooper Black, White, Black, Yellow, Orange and Mixed Colours that grab people of all age groups. Starting from kids’ series to professional series, this brand provides premium quality helmets starting from INR 1500 to INR 10,000.

The products can be purchased from multi branded helmet showrooms and via online shopping websites namely Amazon and Flipkart which comes with 10 days easy return policy and warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

For product related dertails contact 020-26356689, 91 9822449903 or visit


One of the oldest and best helmet brands in Inidia produce accessories in the year 1964, which brought a revolution in the business sector. Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd (SBHT) which is a flagship company of Steelbird Group of companies stamped its footprints in auto accessory business to manufacture helmets pioneered by a world class business man Mr. Subash Kapoor, who transformed a small family business to a multimillion dollar kingdom.

steel bird head protection best helmet manufacturing brands

With highly equipped plants strategically located in 6 places and in technical collaboration with global kings like composites, Bieffe and AD Engineering, the company has a global market with satisfied customers over 50 countries. The brand value is around 1500 crores.


EXTERNAL SHELL: the shell is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic or High Impact Composite material and carbon fiber to withstand the wear and tear during rough usage. Potycarbonate anti scratch, antiglare and antifog retractable visor options are available.

VENTILATION: mouth ventilation is provided with an odorless mouth guard and chin guard for free air intake, which is designed with two rear extractors that circulates free air. Top air vent uses air booster system and screw free lower ratchet enables more comfort.

INNER LINING AND PADDING: multi layer EPS High-Density materials with air channels comprise the inner shell. The atop is made of Italian design sweat resistant interior liner which is removable and washable. Multipore breathable padding neck protector adds extra comfort.

QUALITY STANDARDS: this high quality Italian designed helmets are put to tough quality tests to pass DOT, SNELL 2000 (USA), ECE 22.05 European, British, TCVN 5756 Vietnamese and bureau of Indian standards (IS: 4151)

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: hands free feature enables one to attend call on just one click on a dedicated button on the side. Bluetooth enabled speakers, and a mic helps the rider to enjoy music and attend calls at ease.


FULL FACE HELMETS: SBA-1 ARES RAGE, SA-1 Aeronautics, SA-1 aerodynamics, SA-1 Aviate, SB-42 BARGY DESIGN RACE TRACK, SB-42 XCX, SB-42 Bang Enduro, etc.


FLIP UP HELMET: SB-41 Ares Strokes, Sb-41 Ares Track, Sb-41 Ares Race, Sb-41 Ares Skull, etc.


MOTOCROSS HELMETS: SB-42 Motorcross, SB-42 Bang Trio, SB-42 Bang Rexco SB-42 Bang Blaze.

Over 100s of models in each category is being marketed in various ravishing and eye-catching solid colours t customized designer edition available in M, L and XL sizes to fit various head shapes this complete range builds market for men, women and sport people according to their requirement. SBHT has opened RiderZ Shopee for better marketing and the brand products are available in branded outlets and in online websites such as Amazon with 10-15% discount and Flipkart which come with 9 days return policy.

For details contact: B2B/17, Janakpur, Near Metro Pillar, No 540, New Delhi – 110058. For product related queries or enquiry contact toll free number 1800 102 3260 or visit


Studds Helmets, One of the world’s youngest yet largest manufacturers of two-wheeler helmets, STUDDS Accessories Limited started its journey in 1975, which is well known for its quality and trending styles. The pioneer, Madhu Bhushan Khurana who elevated the business to a class that drags one towards the style, trendy, lightweight and safest editions among the Big B’s market competition. This grand company is spread completely in length and breadth of the country with 17suppliers mainly located across India and serves worldwide customers around in 21 countries.


Prestigious certification and accolades ensures the brand quality and perseverance. STUDDS have won ‘Dare To Dream Awards–Company Of the Year’, Council For Leather Exports awarded STUDDS ‘second place for commendable export performance in 2007-2008, under Non-SME category. With various innovative ideas and promising quality deliver the company marks its position in the world market with a remarkable turnover of 100 crores.


EXTERNAL SHELL:  plastic polymers such as fiberglass/thermoplastic/Kevlar/carbon fiber is used to build a thin and hard outer shell. UV resistant paint prevents from overheating. Quick release visor mechanism helps to remove or change visor according to the requirement also comes with silicone coated dual feature.

VENTILATION: dynamic ventilation system provided the best comfort possible which circulates fresh air inside the helmet.

INTERNAL LINING AND PADDING: multi layer EPS enhances all round head protection. For keeping freshness, removable, replaceable and washable hypo allergic liner is provided.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: to fit in the right place and to avoid shaking or disturbance during long travel, the helmets have an exclusive aerodynamic design which serves the purpose.



(i) FULL FACE HELMET: Bravo, Bravo D3decor, Bravo Devil, Bravo Knight, Jade D1 With Reflective Décor, Jade D2 Décor, Premium Vent, Professional, etc.

(ii) FLIP UP FULL FACE HELMET: ninja, ninja 2G D1, 2G D2, 3G, 3G D1, 3G D2, 3G D3, 3G D4, 3G D5, 3G double visor, 3G ECO, D1, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7 Deocr ranges, Ninja elite, ninja elite super, ninja elite super D1, D2, D3 Décor ranges, ninja elite with mirror visor, ninja pastel plain.

FLIP OFF FULL FACE HELMET: Downtown , downtown D1 décor, downtown D2 décor, Downtown D23 décor.

OFF ROAD FULL FACE HELMET: Motorcross D1 décor, D2 décor, D3 décor, D4 décor, D5 décor and motorcross with visor.

OPEN FACE HELMET: cub, cub 07, cub D2 décor, D3 décor, downtown, D2 décor, D3 décor, femm, femm super, chopper visor, etc.


BIKE ACCESSORIES:  Goggles, gloves, mobike side luggage, mobike top luggage, rainwear, helmet security guard and spare visor.

These helmet ranges come in M, L and XL sizes in various colours and graphic attractive designs for men, women and sports people. Purchases can be made through online websites Amazon and Flipkart with 30% discount we can save and in branded outlets which comes with 1 year warranty period.

For product related details and queries, contact +91 129 429 6500 or visit official website


One of the best helmet brands in India manufacturers Shiro Helmets SA was founded by D. Juan Tomas Rojo in 1964. Headquartered at Spain, now governs all of its production and manufacturing process and is widespread across the globe with international allies. Currently Shiro helmets are present in 68 countries and are still on the list of best helmet manufacturing companies and they have production facility available in India.



EXTERNAL SHELL: high strength ABS shell forms the outer strong shell which is the secret behind this lightweight helmet. For best panoramic view and clarity max experience, optically corrected high quality polycarbonate lenses are used. Retention system with micrometric buckle is installed for perfect fit.

VENTILATION: The air channels regulate fresh air in and out of the helmet by its aerodynamic ventilation system.

ADD ON: Bluetooth connection facility provides the freedom to enjoy music and attend calls while all hands on the handle and eyes on the road.



(i)FULL FACE HELMETS OPEN FACE MODELS: SH-336 carbon, SH-336 Carbon composite, SH-800. SH-890, SH-870 and SH-881 SV motegi II

(ii) FLIP UP: SH -501 and SH-414

(iii) JET: SH-235 fiber, SH-235 bullet, SH-235, SH-451, SH-62 GS, SH-20.

(iv) Off-road: MX-917, MX-305, MX-313, K-12 trial.

(v) KIDS: SH-829 african id, KUKUXUMUSU SH-62 kids marigorrihizkia, SH-20, MX-917 and MX-306.

ACCESSORISES: Bluetooth, face mask, MX glasses, goggles, hand guard, designer gloves and sun glasses.

All the products are manufactured with best process; tested and certified international standards; meets the market with a ravishing range of colours and graphics to satisfy customers from kids to sportspeople irrespective of gender.

These spain owned motorcycle helmets can be purchased online via Amazon and Flipkart, which comes with 10 days return policy and with a warranty period of 5 years in the price range of INR 3000 to INR 6000.

For product related details and queries, leave a reply through Contact -9809555590 available on all business days from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. or visit


Shoei brand helmets is one of the best brands in India. Japanese entry into the big business market is SHOEI helmets, which was founded by Mr. Eitaro Kamata in 1959. From day one to till date, the entire process involves 50 workers’ hard work in the process of making a helmet of this brand.Headquartered in Japan, the company presence is seen in USA, India and Japan.



The company still believes in the magical creation out of hand work more than that of a machine work. Most of the brand’s helmets involve a lot of handmade designs and assembly process.

EXTERNAL SHELL: the shell is built with SHOEI’S proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix Advance Integrated Matrix (AIM & AIM+) moulding technology which comprises a material combination of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin. The UV protected visor provides distortion-free view and shields from heavy wind, dirt and pollution.

VENTILATION: The beauty of this brand’s helmets lies in the perfectly placed and shape of the inlets and outlets along with the air channels which leverages the optimum ventilation experience.

INTERNAL LINING & PADDING: innovative dual layer, multi layer EPS liner system with varying density of foam pumped in key areas around the rider’s head enables cooling air to travel freely into the pores of the fabric.

PRODUCT QUALITY: the product quality is assured by snell, DOT and other international homologations.



(i) ROAD HELMET: Current Model: X- Fourteen, RF-1200, GT-Air II, NEOTEC II, J-Cruise, J-O, RJ-Platinum-R, RF-1100; Discounted Model: X-Twelve, etc.

(ii) ALL-ROAD HELMET: Hornet X2

(iii) OFF ROAD HEMET: Current Model: VFX-EVO; Discounted Model: VFX-W, VFX-DT, V-MOTO/V-MT.

Their different types of products are available in M, L and XL sizes with a wide range of colour options and graphic designs that cover all kinds of customers’ satisfaction be it a regular rider to a professional biker irrespective of gender. Purchase can be made online via Amazon with 10% discount and Flipkart, which comes with 5 years warranty and 10 days of easy return policy within the price range of INR 2000 to INR 5000.

For product related details contact customer care number 714730-0941 or visit


Royal Enfield, one of the popular and best helmet brands in India world-class, highly rated, most trusted, demanded company in auto mobile section known for its majestic motorcycles. The Royal Enfield now manufactures and markets products like T-shirts, Helmets, Gloves, Jackets, Bags, Shoes and other accessories that completes one’s attire and jacked up outlook. The enfield helmets have become more of expressing a person’s character and really me more than just a bike and accessories. This benchmark brand entered an Indian market in the year 1994 by Eicher Motors.

Royal Enfield

This royal enfield helmets brand is spread all over the globe and marked its presence in 50 countries currently. In India alone the company operates with 1000 exclusive show rooms and has become youngster’s dream bullet brand. This everlasting love brand boasts its advertisements with Jeff Martin as the brand ambassador for this royal enfield brand. Truly the best in the list of trustworthy, classy companies in the automobile sector sets its competition with a thunderbird turnover of 1960 crores.


EXTERNAL SHELL: superior impact absorbing quality fiberglass and strong ABS-Chrome plated outer shell provide high class durability. Firm polystyrene jaw protector comes with a quick release mechanism, which serves the purpose at the best.

VENTILATION: The open face helmet design with subtle aerodynamic design fetches comfortable ride with breathable inner lining mesh along with proper air channels around the helmet.

INNERNAL LINING & PADDING: expanded polystyrene anti-microbial treated material comes with air channels for ventilation, is also removable and washable. This polyester and knit mesh provide cushioned comfort all around the head.

PRODUCT QUAITY: the product quality is ensured by ISI and DOT certifications.


HELMET:  (i) FULL FACE HELMETS: Urban Trooper Helmet Matt Balck, Urban Trooper Helmet Cool Grey, Street Primer Helmet Pitshop – Gloss Lagoon, Street Prime Helmet-Roadblock Black, Street Prime Helmet Pitshop Red Yellow. (ii) OPEN FACE HELMET: Chrome Helmet Sunpeak-Chrome

OTHER RIDING GEARS: Bags, Boots, Gloves, Riding Jackets, Bottom Wear, Multifunctional Head Gear, Multi Tools, add On Layers-Wind Cheater, Armor, Boot Cover and Eye Wear.

APPAREL: T-Shirt, Jackets, Bottom Wear, Shirts, Sweat-Shirts

LIFESTYLE ACCESSORIES: Key chains, Miniatures, Headwear, Wallets, Belts, Bracelets, Pins & Badges, Coffee Mugs, Coasters, Multi Tools and Eye Wear.

FOOT WEAR: Long Boots and Sneakers.

The helmet ranges come in M, L and XL sizes to fit various hear sizes in colours such as black, army green, white and mixed colours. Upcoming editions would fill the space of graphic stories. RE helmets can be purchased from branded outlets and via online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart which comes with an attractive offer up to 40% discount and 15 days easy return policy under the price range of INR 200 to INR 10000.

For product related details, suggestions and queries contact toll-free number 1800 210 0007 or visit


One of the largest manufacturers of helmet brands in India, hails from South Korea is pioneered and guided by Mr. W. K. Hong, CEO of HJC Helmets and a former member of the Korean Air Force. This largest helmet manufacturing brand believes in sustainability that owns a state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing laboratory. Now the company manufactures various categories of helmets which are being manufactured at strategically located factories to leverage the access to average customers worldwide.

HJC Helmets

The business is widespread in its country and marked its market demands in Europe, America, Korea and India. The primary business of the company lies in manufacturing motor sports equipments designed with high end Korean technology and unshakeable product quality.


EXTERNAL SHELL: From a lot of research and hard work, the company achieved Premium Integrated Matrix Plus, PIM+ a high end innovative technology that constructs a lightweight shell. The visor comes with PIN lock, antifog system and anti scratch coating. The chin strap has a tried-and-true D-ring retention system.

VENTILATION: the highlight of RPHA helmets is the advanced and superior aerodynamic noise free ventilation system that helps to stay cool in a ride irrespective of weather.

PRODUCT QUALITY: the quality and standards are approved by Snell standard.


HELMETS: (i) RPHA: Carbon RPHA 11, Carbon RPHA 70, Carbon RPHA 90, RPHA 11, RPHA 70 and RPHA 90.

(ii) FULL FACE HELMETS: F70. FG-17, i70, C70, CL-SP, CS-15, CL-Y.

(iii) SYSTEM: i90, C90 and V90.

(iv) HELMETS OPEN FACE: FG-JET, IS-33 II, i40 and V30.



ACCESSORIES: cheek pads, visor shields, head line, chin strap cover, chin bar, rear spoiler and straight tube.

These products are available in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL that fit from kids to elders. Motivated by biking, the company markets products with highest quality possible to serve its worldwide customers. Purchase can be made online via Amazon and Flipkart with 5 years of warranty and 10 days easy return policy.

For assistance, queries and product related details contact 020-26356689, 91 9822449903 or visit


MT Helmets, One of the imported helmet brands in India, one of the most reputed brands in Europe and largest motorcycle helmet manufacturers from Spain, is widespread in 5 continents and in more than 100 countries at present, was pioneered by Manufacturas Tomas in 1968. The company competes Indian brands and market with more than 100 retailers and dealers in India since its entry in 1992.

MT Helmet


EXTERNAL SHELL: lightweight with optimum rigidity of the shell is achieved by high performance carbon fiber material with fiber reinforcement composite system. Visor with Pin lock ready max vision (MT-V12) and anti-fog with UV protection enable the best vision. Chin straps come with D-Ring mechanism and also micrometric fastening types for functional usage.

VENTILATION:  aerodynamic shape and properly aligned spacing for air input and exhaust channels provide the best comfort.

INERNAL LINING & PADDING: multi-density inner layer with EPS quality comes with a high range of impact absorption. The internal fabric used is skin friendly, easily removable and washable mesh type material to keep the inner walls of the helmet odour-free.

ADD ON: dedicated spacing for Bluetooth system and embedded speaker pockets make the job easier for riders.

HOMOLOGATIONS: DOT (USA), ECE/ONU 22.05.P (EU) and SNELL USA. NTC 4533(Columbia) and NBR7471 (Brazil).


(i) FULL FACE HELMETS: targo, revenge 2, thunder 3 SV, Blade 2 SV, Rapid, rapid pro, kre SV, KRE, KRE nake Carbon.


(iii) JET: Street, LE Mans 2 SV,Avenue SV, Viale SV, Thunder 3 SV Jet.

(iv) trial: district SV, Streetfighter SV.

(V) Off-road: Synchrony duo sport SV and Falcon.

(vi) kids:  MX 2 KID, Urban Kid, Thunder Kid, Rap[Id Kid And Rapid Pro Kid

These products are available in small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large sizes to fit people of all age groups. Purchase can be made online via Amazon and Flipkart which come with 7 days easy return policy pricing from INR 2000 to INR 10500.

For Product related detains and queries call 98840 31443/98840 37052 or visit


Aerostar one of the best helmet brands in India owned by Kuljit Singh Arora, Director of Sai Group of companies. The company saw its first blossom on March 1994. Initially, the company’s main business was based on manufacturing plastics. With sheer hardwork and intention to serve the customers with nothing but high-quality product, the company now stands in the list of upcoming helmet manufacturers.

aerostar helmet brands

Aerostar helmet brand, one of the largest producers of helmets and motor cycle boxes comprises its head office at New Delhi,  covers a built-up area of one lakh square feet, manufactures 8000 helmets per day. The company is also a member of Subcommittee of Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). With more than 2000 channel partners in India, the company is spread in the length and breadth of the nation. This developing company stands steady in its business with around 50 lakh turnover per year.


EXTERNAL SHELL: the outer layer is made of high impact resistant ABS plastic, which provides maximum safety. They completely cover the shell with weather-resistant special paints and varnishes for prolonged and comfortable usage. UV protected, wide angle visor enables clear vision while driving.

VENTILATION: air channels in and sideways of the helmet circulates air in and out of the helmet so as to keep the head surroundings cool and comfy.

INTERIOR LINING & PADDING: standard ESPL (thermocoal) as per BIS norm is used to construct the inner lining. The material that forms the inner walls is breathable and anti-allergic.

STANDARDS: the company is ISO certified and the products of ISI standards.





OTHER ACCESSORIES: visors and spare parts for all models of Aerostar helmets are available. Pannier box ranges that cover almost all trendy models in the market are available. Pannier box spare parts are available for all model and shapes of Aerostar pannier box ranges.

All the helmets stated above come in ravishing solid colours with glossy and matt finish also with clear visor (CV) and smoky visor (SV) options in medium, large and extra  large sizes. This company focuses fully on safety which is the vital role of a helmet with upcoming trends and needs.  Purchases can be made online via Amazon and Flipkart, also available in branded outlets.

For product related queries and assistance contact 011 45085977, 9312219532, 9810109850.


One of the best helmet brands in India includes Wrangler helmets. Kimi Raikkonen, founder of Wrangler helmets in June 2005. Right from then this brand has become a household name in every part of the nation. The company’s ethical business policy, competitive pricing, world class facilities, serving customers the best of satisfaction are the keys that paved the way to success. Many helmet ranges and accessories manufacturing is the prime business of the company.

wrangler top helmet brands wrangler top helmet brands[/caption]


EXTERNAL SHELL: high quality helmet with plastic ABS and fiber glass forms the outer shell that provides superior protection. The visors come in clear and smoke versions (CV and SV) with scratch resistance and ultra durable features for better comfort. Strong nylon chin strap provides good protection.

VENTILATION: proper air channels and lining material provide ventilation all round the helmet.

INNER LINING & PADDING: strong EPS lining enhances protection with breathable mesh materials that cover the top.


Open Face Helmet, Concept Helmets, Open Visor Helmets, Head Protection Helmets, Safety Helmets, Kids Helmets, Baby Helmets, Secure Helmets, etc.

ACCESSORIES: varieties of motorcycle boxes.

Stylish wrangler helmets come in various sizes that fit best to almost all head shapes. With a range of colour options and styles, the helmets focus customers from baby sizes to sporty models for both men and women. Wrangler helmets can be purchased from branded outlets and via online websites Amazon and Flipkart with 6% offers in the price range of INR 800 to INR 2000 that comes with 6 months of warranty period and 10 days easy return policy.

For product related details, inquiry contact 91-11-22431906/22423887 or drop a mail on email address.

FAQ – Best 10 Helmet Brands In India:

What are the best-selling safety helmet brands in India?

Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets These are the high rated helmet brands in Indian market.

Which helmet brand is best recommended for ladies?

Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets All the above stated are the highly recommended ladies helmet brands in the market which have a wide range of varieties.

Which helmet brand in India is best for toddlers and kids?

Safety helmets must pass through rigorous tests to enter the market. When it comes to kid’s safety, extra care has to be taken care of. Below is the list of high quality best in safety helmets recommended for kids and toddlers for motorcycle, biking and skating sports. Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Wrangler helmets

What are the best sport grade helmet brands in India for both men and women?

Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets Wrangler helmetsThese are the list of best-selling sports-grade helmet brands in India which market exclusive sport helmets for men, women and kids.

What are the international helmet brands available in India?

HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets These are the best international helmet brands that are available in India.

Why DOT/ECE/SNELL/ISI Certifications are a must for helmet brands in India to enter the market?

For any branded helmet, specific quality factors have been set by the authorities to ensure safety/protection. Among which Department Of Transportation DOT, Snell standards, Economic Commission for Europe ECE 22.05, Indian Standards Institution ISI are the certification which are must for helmet brands to enter the market. Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets These brands are put under rigorous tests during and after production to deliver the best safety helmets.

Which is the cheapest helmet brand in India?

Following are the best brands in the market providing helmets in affordable rates. Best-in-quality under nominal price range receive more reception than the high priced ones. Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets

Which is the famous helmet brand in Chennai?

LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,Vegahelmets The above helmet brands are the fast-moving and trend-setter brands in Chennai

Which is the safest full face motorcycle helmet brand in India?

Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets These are the most trusted high quality brands which showcase area of ranges in quality full face helmets which give complete 360-degree protection.

Which is the best off-road helmet brands in India?

These are the highly trusted best-selling off-road helmet brands trending in Indian market. HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets, Shiro helmets,Shoei helmets,Studdshelmets, Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets

Which helmet brand in India is best for road racing?

This is a list of high quality best-in-safety assured and certified road racing helmet brands. HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Shoei helmets,SMK helmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Wrangler helmets

Which is the best lightweight helmet brand in India?

Helmets made of carbon fiber material weigh less and considered more versatile while compared to traditional ones. It is best considered to select this way with multi-layer inner coating to enhance protection during unfavorable conditions. Below are the top helmet brands that have lightweight helmet series in their product ranges. Aerostar helmet,HJChelmets,LS2Helmets,Mthelmets,Royal Enfield helmets,Shirohelmets,Shoeihelmets,SMK helmets,Steelbirdhelmets,Studdshelmets,THH helmets,Vegahelmets,Wrangler helmets

Comparison – Best 10 Helmet Brands In India:

Brand NameLS2MTRoyal EnfieldShiroShoeiAero StarHJCSMKSteelbirdStuddsTHHVegaWrangler
CC Number -98840 31443/98840 370521800 210 00079809555590714730-09419312219532,9810109850 020- 26356689. ,91 9822449903020- 26356689 ,91 9822449903 1800 102 3260,91 129 429 6500. +91 9822449903 831 4218400,831 4218444 1-888-784-8571
No Of models502450503040304010050354350
Price Range- Min & Max500 Rs-10,000 Rs2000 Rs -10500 Rs2000 sS-10,000 Rs3000 Rs - 6000 Rs2000 Rs-5000 Rs800 Rs-2000 Rs4000 RS -17,000 Rs1500 Rs -10,000 Rs800 Rs - 3500 Rs825 Rs - 2,165.00 RS2000 Rs-4500 Rs700 Rs-3000 Rs800 Rs - 2000 Rs
PresenceWorldwide100+ countries50 countriesworldwideUSA,India, JapanIndiaEurope, America, Korea, India23 countries50 countries21 countriesIndia, Taiwan, USA, LatinUSA, Germany, Italy, Srilanka -
Year of Establishment1990199219011964195919951971201619641975190519821905
CertificationISO 9000ECE ISI & DOTECE, DOT -ISO -ECE22.05IS 4151ISI ISO 9001-2015ISI 4251 -
Brand value - -Rs1,960 Crores -1996 Million YuansRs 50 Lakhs -Rs 3,972 CroresRs 1,500 Crores100 CRORE -1,000 CRORES -
FounderAurthur LiaoManufacturas TomásRedditch company Mr. J. Juan PomarojoEitar OkomataKuljit AroraMr. W.K. HongSTUDDSSubash Kapoor Madhu Bhushan Khurana Rodder Heng Da Dilip Chandak -
Owning CountryItalySpainIndiaSpainJapanIndiaSouth KoreaIndiaIndiaIndiaTaiwanIndiaIndia