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Find the list of Best 10 Dark Chocolate Brands in India. If we swim into the history pages of the origin of dark chocolates, we would reach 1900 B.C. during which dark chocolates were the only form of chocolates. The two major civilisations namely the Mayans and Aztecs brought this chocolaty culture into their tradition which created a remarkable glory. Slowly, researches accepted that flavonoids present in dark chocolates proven for reducing risk of diabetes and many more attracted many individuals to look into the origin.

Dark chocolates come in bars and drinks with various combinations of cocoa. The composition of cocoa enhances the dark, bitter, satisfying taste to the chocolate. 99% cocoa chocolate is considered being the premium range while 90%, 80% and so on has some other ingredients combination to fetch varying taste. Get ready to enjoy a chocolaty ride with all ears and senses geared up to have a track on what’s inside this healthy yet scintillating eatable.

Here is the name list of 10 Best dark chocolate brands in India.


When passion becomes the driving force, then there is life worth living for. With this love and enthusiasm for chocolates, Mr. Shahzad Anklesaria from the UK, introduced Ambriona dark chocolates in 2017. With all knowledge acquired, an indulgent range of artisanal, gluten-free and vegan chocolate were strengthened the business.


The chocolates that satisfies our sweet-tooth are made from an exquisite range of cocoa, the main ingredient (varying from 45% to 81%) from Uganda, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Togo and Vietnam and other ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, dried fruits and milk add more taste to the product.

Ambriona presents mouth watering ranges of dark chocolates under the flagship brands: Daarzel – high quality Indian origin chocolates; Daarzel Keto – delicious, sugar-free, low carbs, protein loaded bars; Daarzel Pro-Application – pre-made confectionary products, Daarzel Treats – cocoa based confectionary products to elevate good moods.

These chocolates come in bar, truffle and nut butter models in 12 exotic flavours available in 30 grams to 100 grams packs and containers for 130 Rs to 260 Rs. Avail up to 20-30% offer via company-owned outlet, website, Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra, all products with 6 to 8 months of expiry period.

Contact toll free number +91 7999585556 or [email protected] for any queries and assistance. 100% refund will be provided if any product purchase made from the website is unsatisfactory.


The Massive American Multinational Company that tops in manufacturing and exporting many chocolate centred products, The Hershey Company invented Brooksides best dark chocolates in the year 1976. A big list of brands, covered under the big size company include 5th avenue, almond joy, Brookside, Cadbury, Heath, Hershey’s, Kisses, Kitkat, Reese’s, Mounds, Whoopers, Whatchamacallit, SKOR, York for just chocolates alone!


Milton Hershey, member of world cocoa foundation, who pioneered this company united people by his principle “The help-the-other-fellow” is being the motivational power for 18000 employees today. This ISO 22000:2005 certified company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, manufactures and sells across the country and around the world. With a brand value of US$5.554 Billion, Hershey’s stands as one of the largest and best chocolate manufacturers in the world.

The Brookside special dark chocolate brands ranges are recommended with wine pairing to unleash the out of the world experience by treating your taste buds. Blueberry And Acai Flavors With Merlot, Pomegranate Flavor With Pinot Noir Goji And Raspberry Flavors With Cabernet Sauvignon, Brookside Crunchy Clusters With Chardonnay are being advertised.

The chocolate bars are available in 30 to 100 grams, pricing from 10 Rs to 140 Rs. Avail up to 10 -30% discount offer via online shopping websites Amazon, Flipkart and company-owned outlets. For complaints and suggestions please contact toll free number +91 172 5275904.


Marion butler, a famous Indian born Irish chocolatier, well known for her luxury chocolate creations, Chez Nous Chocolates gave life to Butlers chocolate at Dublin’s Lad Lane, Ireland in 1932. She dedicated her whole life from then in innovating extravagant chocolate varieties of her mastery. It is now a 100% Irish family owned company that strives to deliver the love for chocolate visionary of its pioneer.


During olden days, opening retail shops brought laurels to the company among which the first Butlers.

Chocolate café was opened Dublin’s premier shopping street, Grafton Street, in 1989. The concept of selling via retail shops is still in practice with 20 Butlers Chocolates Cafes active in eminent locations in Ireland and franchised shops in Middle East and South Africa. With a lot of effort, teamwork and dedication of each employee, the company has a very good fame and demand.

The main ingredients used behind these luxury chocolates are coffee beans, nuts, dried fruits, milk and cocoa. These products attract people of all ages to indulge in the chocolaty experience because of the freedom to choose from a wide range of varieties that includes Flavourful Confections, Premium Hot Beverages, Mouth-Watering Moreish Chocolate Filled And Solid Chocolate Bars.

Over 80 verities of chocolates and confections are available from 30 to 500 gram bars, truffles and nut butter containers pricing from 190 Rs to 2000 Rs. These luxury brand products are available only at airports, premium chocolate shops and online websites Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Customers can also include a personal message in their delivery by creating an account in website to apply Butlers Chocolates Happiness Card.

For queries and assistance, call international customer care number 00 353 671 0599 from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., Monday to Friday except Bank holidays.


Cabdury, One of the premium dark chocolate brand in India and it was first founded by John Cadbury, who pursued his passion in his profession in late 1824. His handmade cocoa and drinking dark chocolate using a pestle and mortar soon became famous in Bull Street, Brimingham, England. It is now a multinational confectionery company entirely owned by Mondelez International since 2010. It also hits the second rank in the list of the largest confectionery brand in the world. Cadbury is also named as Britain’s most successful exports by The Daily Telegraph.


Cadbury is marketing its product under the flagship brands namely Cadbury Bournville, 5 Star, Temptations, Perk, Éclairs, Bournvita, Celebrations, Gems, Bubbaloo, Dairy Milk, Toblerone, Halls, Bilkul, Tang And Oreo. These brands entirely cover all sorts of chocolaty confectionery products that make the business wide spread and eye-catching. With retail and dealers available in 8 states within India, International headquarters situated at West London, this company exports to over 50 countries round the globe.

The standards, quality and purity of the products manufactured are approved by ISO with certification ISO 22000:2005. Cadbury won a series of awards at ‘The Worlds Star Packing Award’, ‘Bronze Award for Excellence in People Management’ and is Also Ranked 5th in the FMCG Sector. This international fame company showcases Bollywood celebrity Kartik Aaryan as the brand ambassador and sets a tough competition in the world of chocolate confectioners with a turnover of US 435 Billion.

One of the Premium dark chocolate products “Cadbury Bournville”. This Cadbury Bournville contains 50% of cocoa dark chocolate. Those product claims to have higher cocoa content than any other products of its own brand. The dark chocolate verities are available in 10 to 100 grams in bars with price ranging from 10 Rs to 500 Rs and also up to 10 to 30% offer in company-owned outlets, online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

For queries and complaints call toll free number – 0121 451 4444.


While the competitors input loads of creativity, technology, statistics and innovation to top the market, a brand entirely stands out of the box with its unique yet successful approach of best dark chocolate brought a revolution in the industries in India. As every taste is being loved and recognized by diverse customers, this chocolate variety also won hearts of many because of which it stands in the list of competitors.


The secret behind Chocoville range of dark chocolate is using a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat and sweeteners which is called as compound dark chocolate. It increases the dark chocolate taste and provides smooth chocolate. As it uses less expensive hard vegetable fats such as coconut oil and palm kernel oil instead of an expensive range of cocoa butter, it is found to be a lower-cost alternative to real dark chocolate.

With this creative approach and invention, Chocoville entered the world market from its launch in 2017 in New Delhi, India. More or less 18% taste of cocoa can be experienced while indulging in the taste of these compound chocolate varieties. These products are great for making cookies, confectionery sweets, pralines, candies and many more.

This Indian owned company exports to more than 20 countries around the world, available for 150 to 250 Rs in 500 grams bars and powders in food grade containers, sold in company-owned outlets, website, Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra.

For orders, queries and much more contact toll free 91 72900 28380 and visit


Godiva dark Chocolatier, The popular & special dark chocolate brand. The name famous for chocolates and confectioneries all over the world has unparalleled Belgian heritage deep rooted in its ethos by the pioneer Joseph Draps who had foreseen the affinity to chocolates and health factors in near future. Godiva was first presented its first shop in the Grand Place in Brussels in 1926. The company represents its name in honour of Lady Godiva. Slowly but steadily the business took its stand in around Belgium. North America, Turkey and London are few of the places where launched it products and had happy customers in return.


This brand is now an active taking a part member of the World cocoa foundation and cocoa horizon foundation. Recent sources delivered that Godiva announced that it is committed to sustainable sourcing of 100% of its cocoa supply by 2020.

Godiva knows that fact that to produce the world’s best fine & pure dark chocolate range, the best must be invested in ingredients used. Especially the major ingredient cocoa, that covers 72%, is sourced from equatorial countries. The high quality ingredients that bring out the tempting bittersweet and milky flavour include Fine, ‘A’ Grade Dairy Butter, Heavy Cream Hazelnut Praline, Cherries, Dried Fruits, and Raspberry Juices.

Godiva, known for its enchanting and sensational taste that out stands all the other bands, markets over 100 countries with 270 retail locations and over 2000 wholesale doors. Over 40 models and varieties of the brand available in 20 to 90 grams that ranges from $25 to $80 are sold in famous dark chocolate boutiques, travel retail, cafes, digital commerce, and company-owned outlets and in online via Amazon and Flipkart.

The products come with 2-3 weeks of expiry period, and replacement or exchange is made for courteous and prompt receipt of the product purchased within 30 days. Contact customer care (800)946-3482. Avail 20% off on selected Valentine’s products and free standard shipping on orders above $25 via website.


Ketofy chocolates are one of the best dark chocolate in India, Every health conscious person longs for sticking on to their healthy routine of diet, despite their busy schedule and corporate work- life balance. A new revolution in diet friendly food ranges came to picture with conscious effort and science behind the invention of keto products.


The major difficulty in making diabetes patients to follow the diet charts is due to the complexity in planned food schedule that gives a bland taste and hatred towards food, which in turns takes a toll on their mental and physical behaviour. This invention of ketogenic diet receives more acceptance and reception from people all over the world due to its simpler yet effective remedies.

These products are available in 10-150 grams pricing from 150 to 300 Rs with 12 months of expiry period. In case of any damage during delivery, we can avail 14 days return policy. Keto dark chocolate products are available in company-owned outlets in India and online shopping sites Amazon and Flipkart. Avail flat 20% offer on purchasing via keto website and also get personalized keto plans.

For keto plan related service, product related queries contact customer care (+91) 9319157249 or (+91) 9599097667.


Lindt excellence cholate world, A family involved activity in the production of premium grade dark chocolates started in the year 1845 in Switzerland. The father and son duo David SPRUNGLI Schwarz and Rudolf Sprungli Ammann, hit the market with traditional home made Swiss heritage filled chocolate ranges. Currently, 12 factories manufacture the world re-endowed Swiss chocolaty menu with intrinsic involvement and love for the profession. Headquarted at Switzerland, the company has a main factory in Aachen, Germany, Orolon-Sainte-Marie, France, Induno Olona, Italy, Gloggnitz, Austria and Stratham, New Hampshire, in the USA.


Lindt & Sprungli is involved in farming programs in 2008, to empower farmers and ensure a quality life. Having a close tie in Ghana, this program reaped success, which became the driving force in establishing the program in all countries. Over half of the world’s cocoa harvest comes from Western African countries, cocoa beans from Ghana have been used for LINDT excellence since 2005. 1 oz of dark chocolate contains, milk chocolate and white chocolate, caffeine consists of 20 mg, 6 mg and less than 2 mg, respectively.

These Lindt excellence dark chocolate ranges are available in company-owned outlet and in online sites Flipkart and Amazon with varying packages of 10-150 grams for 150-300 Rs. Products are covered under 12 months of shelf life and return or replacement in case of damage will be made within 14 days of purchase.

For orders and details, contact help line number +41 44 716 22 33 and visit for enchanting chocolate experience.


Morde Foods Pvt Ltd, one of the best dark chocolate brand in India is owned by Darshan Sales and they started in the year 1984. This private company also owns other food corporations such as General Mills Pvt Ltd, L.Liladhar &Co, Garden Flavor Pvt Ltd, Rich’s Graviss Product Pvt, Ltd., Ensigns Health Carepvt Ltd, Master Line Nd Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Ltd. Mahesh Morde being the managing director of Morde foods, various ventures in the dark chocolate world is being executed.


A wide of verity is being showcased while entering the chocolate section – Dark, White, Milk and Plain Chocolates, Compound Dark, Choco Chips, Choco Pastes, Chocolaty Decorations and Illusions Choco Fillings And Coated Products. This wide range of compound and real range of cocoa products entirely covers satisfies all sorts of customers with varied interests. Sugar, edible oil and vegetable fat are the majorly used ingredients.

In selected countries, these products are packed in 200-400 gram packs pricing from 85 to 400 Rs. Avail 25% offer ordering via company-owned website, Flipkart and Amazon and in outlets.

For more information, details, queries and suggestions call customer care 022-23738312/022-49033335.


Nepenthe dark chocolate are keto inspired products that change millions of diabetes positive people to lead a tasteful life. Started in the year 2017, now the company is into inventing custom flavored chocolates and flavored dark chocolate bar. The main business lies in different dark chocolate and coffee products and sales. The pioneers of this brand are Abishek and Lipika who really found ketogeniec diet being the best and sustainable cuture that ensures life worth living despite health conditions.


With 100% keto certification, the products contain 40-50% of mono and poly saturated fats, zero trans fat and 30-40% of high protein with less amount of carbohydrates. For a healthy life style trending in this modern yet health conscious world, these keto products have a long way to go. Organic cocoa beans, cocoa butter and Stevia are the major ingredients of these products. These chocolate varieties are available in 10-150 grams pricing from 150 to 300 rupees, available in company-owned outlets and in online shopping site like Amazon and Flipkart.

For detailed information regarding keto plans, product related information and order related queries contact 91 9004032446 available from Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

11. ZEVIC:

Zevic, one of the dark chocolate brand, India’s only sugar free, Stevia Based chocolate brand was founded by Gaurav Singla in 2015. No wonder this company was inspired by the raising rate of diabetes positive and blood sugar complains in India alone. Engineers, entrepreneurs, design enthusiasts, lawyers and many more professional joint hands together towards a common goal of creating guilt free indulgences of customers with various lifestyle practices. With ISO 22000:2005 certification, GMO certification and USFDA complaint, the company marches forward to spread its market over horizons.

Zevic TopZevic Top

The Stevia Rebaudiana leaves are found to be nearly 200 times sweeter than sugar and free from side effects. This South African native nature’s gift is a naturally occurring sweetener contains active compounds like steviol glycosides which have zero calories.

Up to 70% of cocoa is infused in the products keeping health and wellbeing in mind and heart. Complete blood rejuvenation takes place in the tour of experiencing organic Stevia and cocoa combo. These products come with 9 months of expiry date available in 10-150 gram packs pricing from 150 to 300 Rs.They offer free shipping on orders above Rs 1000 via website. Zevic products are also available in company-owned outlet, online sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. For queries contact +91 172 5275904.

FAQ – Best 10 Dark Chocolate Brands In India:

What are the benefits of eating dark chocolates?

Cocoa stands first to make life interesting with unique taste and blend which exhibits many healthy aspects as follows. Very nutritious, powerful source of antioxidants, improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure, raises stamina level as well as reduces bad cholesterol. Reduces risk of heart disease, protects from skin diseases and improves brain function.

Which dark chocolate brand is good for diabetics?

Diabetes patient can consume a high quality cocoa rich dark chocolate. It's always best suggested to buy graded brand chocolates when it comes to health. Ketofy, Nephtene and Zevic are few among the best dark chocolate brands in India that are manufacturing dark chocolates with keto standards.

What are the compound chocolate brands in India?

Chocoville and Morde are the Dark Choclate brands that are leading compound chocolate manufacturers among the highly rated dark chocolate brands in India.Combination of cocoa, vegetable fat and sweeteners which is called as compound chocolate.

What are the premium dark chocolate brands available in India?

Lindt, Godiva Chocolatier, Brookside, Chocoville are the best-selling premium dark chocolate brands that rules the market.

Do Stevia leaves really a substitute of sugar? What are the nutritional facts hidden in stevia?

The Stevia Rebaudiana leaves are found to be nearly 200 times sweeter than sugar and free from side effects. This South African native nature’s gift is a naturally occurring sweetener contains active compounds like steviol glycosides which have zero calories. These leaves are rich in vitamin A, B and C and minerals like iron, zinc and calcium, electrolytes sodium, potassium, proteins and other healthy elements.

What are Ketogenic dark chocolates?

Live healthy and stay fit is the motto of every diet conscious person. Keto diet is the one that enables one to live happily and to stay in phase with their diet schedule. Ketogenic dark chocolates are the one with ultra-low carbohydrates and glycemic index. Brands such as Keto, Nepthene and Zevic are keto-friendly which produces best in quality mouthwatering range of keto dark chocolates.

Which dark chocolate brand contains the highest amount of cocoa?

Below is the composition of cocoa in the top 10 best-selling dark chocolate brands in India. Ketofy: 100%, Nepthene: 100%, Lindt: 60-99%, Zevic: 70%, Ambriona: 45 To 80%, Brookside: 70-80%, Butlers: 18-76%, Cadbury: 26-36%, Bournville: 50%, Godiva Chocolatier: 72%, Morde: 54-70%.

Which brand has exclusive Belgian dark chocolate ranges?

Zevic, Brookside, Butlers, Godiva chocolatier, Cadbury Bournvill and Lindt are the highly rated Belgian Dark Chocolate Brands available in India.

What is are nutrition in dark chocolates?

Dark chocolate comes with many health benefits. Do you know? 100-gram bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa contains 67% of Iron, 58% of Magnesium, 89% of copper as recommended by RDA.

Which brand is the cheapest dark chocolate brand available in India?

Brands such as Cadbury, Brookside and Morde offer dark chocolates in cheap price while comparing to other brands in the market. Delivering quality products in nominal price range is a good strategy to increase demand in the market.

Do dark chocolates help in whole body rejuvenation or manage blood pressure?

Consumption of dark chocolate 1-2 ounces which is 30-60 grams per day relaxes body and mind to a considerable extent. It is a proven brain teaser too! It also plays a major role to lower one’s blood pressure by increasing HDL and decreasing LDL rates in one’s body. Good sleep, relaxed mind, healthy skin, low risk of a heart attack is the take-away by including dark chocolates to one’s daily snack.

Which brand produces gluten-free dark chocolates?

Among the best-rated dark chocolate brands in India, Hershe’s Brookside gluten-free range of dark chocolate that contains 70-80% of cocoa. The core ingredients also include farm, fresh milk, nuts and sugar. To achieve the best quality in output, the raw materials are carefully chosen and undergo a rigorous process.

Best 10 Dark Chocolate brands – Comparison Table:

Brand NameAmbrionaBrooksideButlersCadburyChocovileGodiva chocolateKetofy chocolateLindt chocolateMorde chocolateNepenthe chocolateZevic chocolate
CC Number+91-7999585556+91 172 527590400 353 1 671 0599 0121 451 444491 72900 28380(800) 946-3482(+91) 9319157249+41 44 716 22 33912133223365919004032446+91 172 5275904
No.Of Models121080+10740+663+1510
Price Range- Min & Max Rs130-260 Rs 50-140 Rs 190-2000 Rs 10-500 Rs 150-250$25-$80 Rs 150-300 Rs 150-300 Rs 85-400Rs150-300 Rs 150-300
Packing Size 30g-100g30g-100g30g-500g10g-100g500g20g-90g10g-150g10g-150g200g-400g10g-150g10g-150g
Colours, flavours121080+10740+6640+1510
Discountupto 20%-30%upto 10%-30%upto 20%-30%upto 10%-30%upto 20%-40%upto 50%upto20%upto 30%upto 25%upto4%-30%upto 70%
Percentage of Cocoa45%-81%70%-85%18%-76%26%-36%0.180.7260-100%70-100%Cocoa Emulsifiers60-100%0.7
Marketing in20 countriesworld wide40 countries50 countries20 countries100 countriesworld wide12 countriesSelected CountriesNot mentionedworld wide
Year of Establishment2017.19761932197620171926Not mentioned1845198420172015
CertificationFSSAI ApprovedISO 22000:2005Certificate of Excellence.ISO 22000:2005FSSAI ApprovedNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentionedISO 22000:2005
Head QuartersMumbaiPenssylvaniaIrelandLondonDelhiBelgiumHaryana, IndiaSwitzerlandPuneMumbai, IndiaIndia
Brand value 50 lakhsUS$5.554 billion (2017)Not mentionedUS$35 billion -$500 millionNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentioned
Founder Shahzad AnklesariaMilton HersheyMs. Marion BaileyJohn Cadbury-Joseph DrapsWellversed HealthDavid SprüngliMahesh Morde-DirectorAbhisek,LipikaGaurav Singla
Brand Owning CountryLondonAmericaIrelandLondonIndiaBelgiumIndiaSwitzerlandIndiaIndiaIndia

The Bottom Line:

Freedom to choose is always present for a healthy person if he wants to have a sip of coffee to a sumptuous meal. Whereas diabetes positive, health conscious, sports people, body builders and many such a club of people find it more difficult and frustrating to fit into a society where unhealthy, attractive easily available packets and junk food prone surroundings. The top healthiest dark chocolate brands are being discussed above which makes their effort and wanting satisfied at ease. A quality dark chocolate with high cocoa content is actually nutritious than any milk or normal chocolate variety. So give a read and try these mouth watering, tempting and guilt free ranges of chocolates to energies your sweet buds and moods!